Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rate Chloe's Return

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Brady uncovered Theresa’s new scheme, Chloe made her way back to Salem just to fight with Nicole and is it over for Chad and Abby after last week’s Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Wendylou and Unavitasegreta from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate why Abigail didn’t tell Chad or Ben about the baby, Chloe’s strange return, and what advice they’d give to Theresa if only she would listen.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Why do you think Abby didn’t tell Chad or Ben about the baby?

Jack: With Abby, who knows? But I think she is still torn and admitting she's got this baby would make it clear to Chad, and maybe to herself, that the only reasons she's with Ben is for the kid's sake. As for Ben, if she told him before accepting his proposal he might think the reason she's hesitant is the baby isn't his.

Wendylou: I'm not sure. I was thinking she should have. Maybe she thought it would hurt him even more to think she was having a baby with Ben.

Unavitasegreta: I think she didn't tell Chad because she is trying to do the "right" thing and stay with the father of her baby who is this good guy (so she thinks) that loves her.  And I don't think she told Ben because she is not all that excited to be having his baby and doesn't want to have to fake being happy and excited about it yet.

Christine: I agree with you Unavitsegreta on both parts. I also think she may be a little afraid of Chad’s reaction. Will he be upset and walk away, or would he tell her he’d love her and the baby no matter who the father is? I don’t think she’s ready to handle either one. 

If you could give Theresa one piece of advice, what would it be?

Jack: I can't believe I'm saying this, but LISTEN TO ANNE!!! Anne keeps telling her to stop scheming and just be a great mother, and that's exactly what she needs to do.

Wendylou: Stop scheming! If she would just focus on being a good mother to Tate I think her relationship with Brady would naturally get better and he might even start to like her.

Unavitasegreta: If you want Brady to start to like you again, just be a good mother.  That's what impresses him, not these dumb schemes.  He has a short memory.  Be a good mother to Tate, and Brady will forget all about Melanie within a few weeks.

Christine: Along with being a good mother, Theresa needs to figure out what else she wants in life…other than marry a rich guy like Brady. She’s so adrift. She has no goals or passions. If she did she’d be a better person, better mother, and would probably be happier and more attractive to Brady or anyone else. 

Did you enjoy Chloe’s return and would you like to see her stick around Salem?

Jack: There are no words for how disappointed I was in Chloe's return. If the REAL Chloe was coming back I'd want her to stick around. This crazy shrew that she's been rewritten as her last few visits can go and stay gone.

Wendylou: Unfortunately no, and I used to be a huge Chloe fan. I hated the mean things she said to Nicole and that cat fight was ridiculous. I am glad they made up in the end but I just didn't see the point.

Unavitasegreta: No, I hated seeing her act like a jealous, judgmental shrew.  Tomlin/Whitesell portray women in a very negative light.  Now that they aren't writing the show, I wouldn't mind seeing Chloe back more often.

Christine:  Remember way back when, when Chloe was someone you could root for? It’s such a vague memory because it’s been so long. This visit was a waste of time and I’m tired of seeing the female characters on this show literally trying to rip one another’s hair out. It’s insulting, boring and cliched. 

What did you think of Victor’s new plan for Xander?

Jack: This is ridiculous and Victor would never be this stupid. I'm hoping there's something more to it than he thinks he can babysit Xander, since Xander causes trouble the second he steps foot off the Kiriakis mansion.

Wendylou: I'm not sure. It does at least seem to have humbled him.

Unavitasegreta: I don't trust Victor on this.  He's got something else planned.  And I agree with Maggie that it's going to backfire.

Christine: What nonsense. Why is Xander still on my screen? He had potential to be interesting in the beginning but this storyline has become a waste of air time. 

Was there anything this week in Salem that disappointed you?

Jack: Chloe's return. What a waste! Serena bothering Caroline -- she's going to end up being her savior (even though yelling in an empty park for help instead of calling 911 is dumb.) Oh and JJ not using his brains when it comes to Paige/Kyle. He's a smart kid but he's running on pure emotion and it is causing this undercover operation to be yet another form of self-destruction.

Wendylou: Serena's super-slow exit. Leave already! Also Will getting so excited over Derek sleeping with Paul and his scheming with Derek in general. I'm also creeped out by Clyde being so involved in Ben and Abby's business.

Unavitasegreta: Abigail disappointed me. I know it's a soap and we have to suffer through the angst, but it'd be nice for once to see a character decide to be with the person she loves and wants - or to just be single.  She's having Ben's baby (allegedly), but I'd have been really proud of her had she decided to decline his proposal.

Christine: Speaking of a waste of air time…Serena stands in the middle of the park and screams “Help!” instead of taking the cell phone which is usually glued to her hand and dialing 911. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Jack: I doubled over laughing when Victor told Theresa in this Days of Our Lives quote that he thought they'd get her kneecaps first. 

Victor: What the hell happen to you?
Theresa: I broke my ankle.
Victor: Eh, I would have thought your kneecaps would be the first to go.

Wendylou: Brady telling Theresa to pack her things and get out. I'm glad her stupid scheme came to light quickly. I want her to give up the schemes and grow up a bit.

Unavitasegreta: It's probably not polite to repeat it, but Victor's surprise that Theresa's ankle gave out before her knees was a pretty good zinger.  Maggie's reaction made it even more amusing.

Christine:  Since Victor’s quote has been mentioned twice, I’m going to go with Chad’s conversation with Marlena. Yes, he snapped at her because he was drunk and hurting but he still managed to be mature enough to explain what had happened and apologize. I was pretty proud of him in that moment. 

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