Rookie Blue Round Table: Is Andy Running Away?

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Andy thought about going undercover again when things got rough with Sam, Marlo and the baby... Gail’s father wanted her to lie to save Steve ... and 15 Division was about to get reorganized on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 10

Below, TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Allison Nichols, Elizabeth Harlow, and Christine Orlando debate whether Andy was running away, if Gail would have lied and if they had to choose, would the transfer Juliet or Duncan out of 15. 

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

If Andy had taken the undercover assignment in Vancouver, would that have been running away?

Whitney: I would have been really upset with Andy if she had taken that assignment because she owes Sam more than that. I 100% think it would have been her running away. She can say she was doing it for all of them, but it was really for herself. She couldn't handle the situation, so running away seemed like a better option than dealing with her issues head on.

Allison: Yes. This is what Sam and Andy do. They take undercover/out of town assignments when things get tough and either come back with someone new or return to find the other person dating someone else. This has happened too many times, and as soon as Juliet offered Andy the job, I was yelling at Andy.

Elizabeth: Yes. She wasn't considering it for any other reason than the baby and the recent upheaval in her life. 

Christine: Yup. Andy could justify it any way she wanted to but it was running from a tough situation and Sam was right to call her out on it. 

Was Andy overreacting to finding Marlo asleep at Sam’s?

Whitney: Yes and no. Yes because it seems perfectly reasonable that Marlo would go to Sam for help when she was struggling and Andy should be understanding of that. On the other side, how are you not supposed to be upset when you see you boyfriends ex-girlfriend asleep in his bed? No matter what the circumstances, that's an awkward, upsetting situation and you can't blame her for initially being less than pleased.

Allison: I agree with Whitney. It's hard to be mad at Sam for helping Marlo out, especially when she clearly needed it. However, if I was in Andy's shoes, I would have been a little upset too.

Elizabeth: The problem, as I see it, is that Andy needs to adjust to parenthood too. She said at the end that she loves the baby (who apparently is still nameless?!), but she also said she hadn't stayed over in weeks, and she never held the kid. A lot of this seems like it would be resolved if her role in the baby's life was clarified. Really, they all should have worked a lot of this out in the 5 months leading up to the birth.

Christine: I agree with Elizabeth. Andy needs to find her role in this family. That will help her deal better when Marlo and Sam are parenting their child. She could be helping Sam and Marlo with the baby instead of planning to run away. 

Do you think Gail would have lied on the stand for Steve?

Whitney: She may have! At the end of the day Steve is her brother for better or worse and she doesn't want to see him hurt. I'm kind of bummed we never got see what happened.

Allison: I wanted to give Gail a hug so badly. I did like that she admitted that she wasn't sure whether or not she was going to lie. It's hard not to want to protect your brother, especially when you are so close to him like Gail and Steve are. 

Elizabeth: I actually don't think she would have lied -- she corrected the attorney when they misrepresented what she said after all. But it was a crap position for her father to put her in. 

Christine: Maybe because her family put her in a horrible, no-win situation. She’s a good person and obviously wasn’t comfortable with lying but it’s a tough call when your own father tells you that telling the truth may end up with your brother being hurt or killed!

If you had to choose between keeping Duncan or Juliet on the show, who stays and who goes?

Whitney: Ah, this question is like my worst nightmare because I'm not a fan of either! Duncan is the worst, obviously, but he has been much better this season and while Juliet is pretty bland, I'd have to keep her around.

Allison: Errrr, can they both go? I honestly don't care that much about either. I have a feeling Nick may end up going with Juliet. I'm honestly still not sure Duncan should be a cop. Traci reassuring Duncan was a cute scene and all, but I feel like we haven't demonstrated that Duncan can handle being a cop yet. I haven't forgiven him for what he did to Andy.

Elizabeth: Juliet can stay. I'm not attached to her, but she's not obnoxious like Duncan. And I agree with Allison, he's a crap cop, no matter what Traci says. 

Christine: I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’d choose Duncan to stay. Juliet is kind of boring. Duncan may annoy the heck out of me but he’s never dull and there’s story to mine with a mediocre cop with poor judgment. 

Was there anything in “Breaking Up the Band” that disappointed you?

Whitney: I was heartbroken for Gail at the end when she heard about the family looking to adopt Sophie. That was such a sweet storyline for Gail and it was sad to learn that Sophie might be slipping away from her.

Allison: I expected the news that everyone might be transferred to be more of a big deal. It wasn't really discussed at all. As soon as Jarvis made that announcement, I expected for everyone to be talking about what could happen. Instead, we sort of got one conversation with Dov and Andy about it, and that was it.

Elizabeth: I was actually disappointed in Andy and Sam's "talk." They didn't really resolve any of the issues Andy's facing, just reassured each other that they're gonna stick together. I know it's TV, and the last short scene, but they need some real talk on what that looks like practically. And while Boo Radley is super cute, a dog is something you get to reassure a toddler that a new baby won't displace them, not your fiancé. And how does the dog have a name but not the baby?!

Christine: Elizabeth, I was thinking the same thing! We got a dog’s name but not the baby’s! Come on! I was also really disappointed for Gail. When does she get to be happy?

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Whitney: The ending McSwarek scene was perfect. We had heartfelt confessions, kisses and a puppy! It was perfection.

Allison: I can't get over that their dog is named Boo Radley. That scene was absolutely adorable.

Elizabeth: Obviously, I'm in the minority on the end scene!  Either Gail at the bar, or Steve stopping her testimony. Both are great examples of selfless love. 

Christine: I actually enjoyed Sam and Andy’s fight. Andy didn’t know where or if she belongs in this family and Sam was angry that instead of staying and working things through with him she was planning to run away again. They didn’t resolve everything but at least they were honest about how they felt.

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