Rookie Blue Round Table: Is Oliver Shaw Guilty?

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Juliet’s secret was revealed... Noelle came back in a surprising way... Gail and Steve hit an impasse... Sam shocked Andy in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 6

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Whitney Evans, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate Oliver Shaw’s guilt, Juliet’s big reveal, and rate the romance of the McSwarek proposal in "Home Run."

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Oliver Shaw is guilty?

Allison: I can't imagine a world where Oliver Shaw, the cute little puppy dog that he is, would plant a bomb that could end the lives of some of his officers. Yes, he did get his daughter's arrest pulled from the system, but that was to protect her. I really can't picture him being a part in the bombing. How hard can it be to steal someone's keycard? 

Whitney: I refuse to believe Oliver is guilty. Stealing someone's keycard is probably very easy, as Allison pointed out. It's got to be someone else, but who? I'm just not sure yet. 

Elizabeth: No way. Lifting a key card isn't hard, although I'm hoping it’s Duncan so he'll make an exit sometime soon. 

Christine: My world will never again make sense if it’s actually Oliver Shaw. It’s got to be a set up. I just hope they can prove it but I have no idea who at 15 Division would do something so heinous.

Were you surprised that Juliet was working for Internal Affairs?

Allison: I was! I suspected the worst of her (sorry, Juliet!). I liked the twist though. It gives us another way to investigate the bombing. As great as it was to watch Marlo and Dov try to piece it together, they can only go so far.

Whitney: I figured she was investigating something or someone, so it wasn't that surprising. It'll be interesting to see what this does to her relationship with Nick going forward. 

Elizabeth: In the first episode I thought she may be running an investigation related to the bombing, although I didn't go so far as to think of IA specifically. And then I got distracted by how shady she was. 

Christine: I always suspected she was Internal Affairs. Nothing else really made sense to me. I’m just happy that Nick didn’t fall for one of the bad guys. That would have been too hard to watch. 

Rate the McSwarek proposal on a scale of 1 (least romantic) to 10 (most romantic). 

Allison: Oh goodness, I'm going to go with an 7. It wasn't really super romantic, but it was very them. If Sam had tried to go over the top romantic with flowers or champagne, it wouldn't have felt genuine. I cried during it, and I'm not ashamed of it. 

Whitney: 10! 11! All of the above! It was perfectly in sync with who they are as a couple and I loved every second of it. I can't wait for the wedding!

Elizabeth: A 6. Romance isn't always about the big gesture. It was cute how he was trying so hard for everything to go perfectly and it all just backfired. 

Christine: An 8 because I never saw it coming. Sam surprised me as much as he surprised Andy! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ring and I couldn’t stop smiling. 

Do you think Steve will forgive Gail?

Allison: I don't think I'm going to forgive Steve. He really should forgive her though because she obeyed the law and did her job as a cop. Steve recognized the law was there, but he thought it was okay to ignore it if it meant getting Boz off the streets. Steve needs to realize that he was in the wrong.

Whitney: He really should because Gail was just doing her job. I understand why he wanted to get Boz off the streets, but to let the real killer walk would have gone completely against everything she stands for as an officer of the law. 

Elizabeth: I hope so. He was upset in the moment, and is clearly feeling guilty about bungling the paperwork the first time. After he has some time to calm down, he should come around. 

Christine: I understand that he was feeling guilty and a bit blindsided but it really made me question Steve as a person that he couldn’t see that Gail was doing the right thing.

Was there anything about “Home Run” that disappointed you?

Allison: I wish there was more time spent watching the team play baseball. I mean we didn't see Gail in action! It could have been hilarious.

Whitney: This was another great episode, but I wasn't a huge fan of the way Steve was acting. I like Steve a lot, but his hothead tendencies can get a little tiresome. 

Elizabeth: I would have liked to see Duncan get beamed in the head. 

Christine: I agree with Whitney, this is the second episode in a row where Steve has let his temper get the better of him. I expected him to be smarter than that. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode?

Allison: The McSwarek proposal was absolutely adorable, but I'm going to have to go with Gail and Sophie. We were reminded of how much we want Gail to be able to adopt her. They are just so cute together.

Whitney: It has to be the McSwarek proposal. All the years of back and forth was worth it for that scene. 

Elizabeth: Chloe and Dov!  It was both realistic and adorable how she handled the whole "you don't have any naked photos of me" discussion that is an important part of the modern breakup. 

Christine: I loved the scene between Noelle and Juliet. Having Noelle back plus having both of their insights and thoughts on possible suspects was awesome. 

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