UnREAL Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Future

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Well, that was an UnREAL way to conclude the season. 

On UnREAL Season 1 Episode 10, it was extremely difficult to follow who was manipulating who. Like seriously, my head was spinning throughout, and it's still spinning as I write. 

After the way UnREAL Season 1 Episode 9 ended, I sure as hell thought we'd be cheering Rachel and Adam on, but that wasn't to be. Grace and Britney lost out to Anna.

Yes, Britney popped back up, and as much as I love Arielle Kebbel, this was the most pointless guest starring opportunity in recent memory. Sure, Britney is a crazy, but her character was ruined by the the choices she made. She was predictable and should have been removed from set in an instant. 

Everlasting's credibility is pretty much in tatters after that disaster of a live wedding event, and it made me realize just how good Quinn is at her job. I'll be surprised if Chet is anywhere near the show when it returns. Brad sure thought Quinn was expendable, but it looks like the ball is in her court for the foreseeable future. 

The hour was full of twists and turns, and I LOVED that Anna decided she was too good for Adam. It might have taken her quite a bit of time to realize it, but she knew what he was like from the get go, and I couldn't help but cringe at her saying she loved him.

She knows how to work it for the cameras, and that's the only thing she'll be thankful for after the whole experience. 

Quinn is such a wild card, and tonight proved that she has a massive hold over Rachel; more than ever. She pretty much ruined her life.

For some reason, she relishes having power over her. Maybe it's because she can't keep Chet in line, but I'm guessing that next season, we will unravel much more layers of their friendship. It was pretty weird how they both came together to acknowledge they are vile individuals, 

Rachel pretty much hit rock bottom. She was all set to give up everything and go on the run with Adam, but Quinn thwarted this. It made for good TV, but even though Rachel has been a calculating, manipulative bitch for the past ten weeks, I felt sorry for her.

Jeremy is making it his mission to make her pay for sleeping with Adam. This was a bitter pill to swallow considering the way he treated Lizzie, right?

It looks like things will be tough for Rachel when the show returns. She is on a descent, and I don't know how far she'll fall. Her final scenes with Quinn had me convinced she was about to attempt suicide. She just seemed very off, and Quinn continued to lie to her face. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Was anyone else ecstatic that Grace lost out? She was so freaking annoying and thought she was better than everyone else on the show. Her being ridiculed was probably the highlight of the season for me!
  • Adam's grandmother was pretty funny, right? She knew it was all for show and wanted to save some face. The ring was probably the most expensive thing in the world, so I hope that Anna returned it!
  • Will Rachel be able to return to her sane self, or will she have to bid adieu to Everlasting? 

"Future" was a solid effort, but some parts just felt a little over the top. As always, the acting and dialog was on top form. My gripes with the episode are mostly to do with Britney's forced return into the fold. 

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Future Review

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