Bones Round Table: Will Hodgins Destroy the Jump Drive?

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When an journalist ended up dead after leaking classified information, it started a debate on national security at the Jeffersonian as the team also prepared for Thanksgiving on Bones Season 11 Episode 8.

Below, TV Fanatics Ashley Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from Castle and Bones Radio to debate whether there’s merit in leaking classified information, what Hodgins will do with that jump drive and whether they choose turkey or a meat substitute for Thanksgiving after watching "High Treason in the Holiday Season."

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Who did you side with on the debate over leaking classified information, Booth, Brennan or Hodgins?

Pam: Booth, the lives of agents and informants and national security are in dire jeopardy when leaked or sold. The lives of agents, other agencies with law enforcement and undercover operatives and families are all in danger.

Ashley: It's a tough call, but I think I side with Brennan on this one. I do like how we got to see everyone's views, and in some ways, we got to see them challenged.

Christine: I side with Booth. Men and women are putting their lives on the line to protect our country. Revealing their names and information is like signing their death warrant. There’s nothing that excuses that. 

What do you think Hodgins will do with the jump drive?

Pam: The old Hodgins, prior to Bones season 4 may have used it to expose what is going on as he was really paranoid. Hodgins post Bones season 5 has grown up a lot and has "cooled" down. He can see all sides now. He has really grown and so has Booth. They have a unique trust now and in the end they are "family".  He destroyed it.

Ashley: Part of me thinks he'll destroy it, but maybe more likely is that he'll just hang on to it, at least for a little while.

Christine: This could go either way. Will he choose to save lives or will the lure of the conspiracy win? I really don’t know and I wonder if we’ll see that jump drive pop up again this season. 

Do you choose turkey or meat substitute on Thanksgiving?

Pam: I don't care for turkey or a lot of meat now so I would choose side dishes and sweets.

Ashley: Turkey, please! I'm all for cutting down on how much meat I eat, but I can't deal with meat substitutes. I definitely can't imagine not having turkey on Thanksgiving.

Christine: If those are the choices I’ll go with turkey but my family has a different tradition. We’re not big on turkey or football so we head out to our favorite Mexican restaurant every Thanksgiving. It might sound strange but it’s actually a lot of fun. 

Do you still read a newspaper?

Pam: No they are very costly now and with my poor vision I watch TV or find my news on the net.

Ashley: Honestly, I don't know that I ever really read a newspaper. I read news online and on social media.

Christine: I have newspaper apps on my phone. That’s how I get the majority of my news, although I do occasionally pick up my town’s newspaper to see what’s going on locally. 

Parker returned. Have you missed him?

Pam: Yes, it is odd seeing the new actor but he does look like Booth so I didn't mind the change in casting as we see Parker so little now. It was nice to see him again. I hope he returns when available from the other series he is on.

Ashley: Yes! I'm SO glad this happened. We need to be reminded every now and again that Booth does have another kid. Plus, it was nice to see them be able to spend time together. 

Christine: Yes, I and loved that Brennan was the one who facilitated this surprise and even got father and son hockey tickets. That says a lot about her commitment to integrating this entire family. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Pam: Booth telling Bones he wanted a jet ski for Christmas and Bones telling him he was like one of their children. He kept trying to find out what she was hiding from him and she really is a bad liar! I would have liked to see more Thanksgiving time with everyone sitting at the table.

Ashley: I really enjoyed Booth and Brennan talking about Christmas, and Booth's hopes of getting a jet-ski as a gift. It was just a fun, nice, normal interaction between the two of them that made me laugh.

Christine: I loved having everyone together at Thanksgiving as a big, extended family. I wish it had gone on longer. I also loved that Hodgins went to Booth with the jump drive. It shows just how close they are and how much they trust each other. 

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