19 Ghoulishly Great Halloween Parties

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It's not just about ghouls and goblins, although some of these parties have actual demons on the guest list. Whether it's fearful or funny, Halloween may be the one holiday that every TV show eventually celebrates. 

From the nerdiest costumes to a couple's very first kiss, heartbreaking declarations to the return of lost love and playing epic pranks to the joy of finding full size candy bars in your trick-or-treat bag, these Halloween parties go from hilarious to heart warming. 

Don't be scared. The bunnies aren't really evil, at least we don't think so. Check out the 19 most memorable Halloween parties on TV. 

1. Castle - "Vampire Weekend"

Castle - "Vampire Weekend"
An investigation into a vampire fetish community eventually wrapped up with Rick Castle throwing an epic Halloween bash for all of his friends. Castle actually wore two costumes in Castle Season 2 Episode 6, “Vampire Weekend” The first was from Nathan Fillion’s cult favorite Firefly character Capt. Mal Reynolds but for the actual party he dressed as one of his favorite authors, Edgar Allen Poe. Our favorites were Lanie as Cat Woman and Martha as Cruella de Vil.

2. How I Met Your Mother - "The Slutty Pumpkin"

How I Met Your Mother - "The Slutty Pumpkin"
Marshall was Jack Sparrow and Lily the green parrot. Robin's boyfriend broke up with her when he showed up as Hansel but she skipped the Gretel costume. But it was Ted (as a Hanging Chad) waiting to find his Slutty Pumpkin, the girl whose number he lost when Lily threw away his Kit Kat that stole the show. Ten years later Ted finally found the girl (Katie Holmes) but realized that after ten years of searching, the chemistry was gone.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "Halloween II"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "Halloween II"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of those shows that knows how to do Halloween right, using the holiday to provide the perfect backdrop for a hilarious and tense competition between two intelligent cops. Jake and Captain Holt spend each Halloween trying to get the best of each other. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 6, Jake proved his cunning and his worth, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 4 had Captain Holt completely dominate the competition. We hope this goes on for a long time!

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Fear, Itself"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Fear, Itself"
Buffy and her friends dress up for a Halloween party at a frat house inhabitated by a demon that feeds on their individual fears. Who wouldn’t have fun with that? Buffy goes as Little Red Riding Hood, Giles is wearing a sombrero, Willow is Joan of Arc and Xander goes as James Bond but our favorite is Anya in a bunny costume because what could be more terrifying than bunnies?

5. Cougar Town - “You Don’t Know How it Feels”

Cougar Town -  “You Don’t Know How it Feels”
Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 6 had a lot of heart to go along with the laughs. Since her mother’s death, Jules was desperate to find a way to bond with her Dad but he seemed to be interested in anything but that at her Halloween party. On the strangely funny side we had Ellie and Laurie dressing as each other or Travis dressing as Andy. Now that’s something we’d only see on Cougar Town.

6. Bones - "Mummy in the Maze"

Bones - "Mummy in the Maze"
A mandatory Halloween party at the Jeffersonian meant mummified bodies, a hay maze, an amusement park funhouse and a shootout with a clown. What more could you want from Bones Season 3 Episode 5? How about the the most memorable moment of the entire episode? Temperance Brennan decked out in her Wonder Woman outfit!

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