Days of Our Lives Recap: Hope Is Devastated

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It was a crazy week on Days of Our Lives as Bo killed Aiden, Hope spiraled into an emotional abyss, and Ben held Abby who had gone into early labor. 

Bo came riding to the rescue but there may not be a happy ending to this story. 

Hope is wrecked. First she thought Bo had left her. Then she thought Aiden loved her only to have him try and strangle her on their wedding night just as Bo wandered back home. 

It’s easy to sympathize with Hope. Aiden was a great guy up until about a month or two ago. I think the audience is just as devastated by this turn of events as Hope. 

Now Bo is back but possibly gravely ill and Hope is responsible for Aiden’s son, Chase which is just all kinds of awkward. 

I’m thrilled that Jennifer is there for Hope and that the show isn’t simply brushing her trauma aside but it’s a difficult storyline to watch. There’s certainly been a lot of violence in Salem lately.

Speaking of which, Ben dragged Abigail off to a remote cabin. So what was his plan? To hold her there until she has the baby? At this point she’ll miscarry first and then what happens? Ben is so unhinged that virtually anything is possible. 

Jennifer being so quick to accept those texts and the story that Abigail and Ben went off without a word to anyone was kind of odd. Her guilt is going to rival Hope’s over giving up on Bo when Jennifer finally learns the truth about Ben.

Steve finally came clean with Kayla and Joey about some enemy stalking him and his family. Now if he’d just stop this, I can handle it all on my own, nonsense and accept some help. 

Elsewhere, Andre abducted Sami and Victor kicked out Theresa after she and Brady hit the sheets. I actually feel sorry for Theresa this time. She’s wearing her heart on her sleeve while Brady can’t figure out if he wants a relationship or a booty call. 

So what do you think TV Fanatics. Is Bo really dying?

Check back in on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the happenings this week in Salem. 

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