Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8 Review: June 13th - Part Two

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Don't mess with time. It messes with your head.

Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8 was a trippy installment because of all the time travel. Hiro was right when he said that it could mean bad things. 

We kicked things off with Noah set to shoot Erica, but he only managed to shoot her in the butt. That paved the way for Quentin (Yes, he's back!) to reappear and pull her in the door and out of harm's way. 

Starting Their Mission  - Heroes Reborn

He's pretty much grasping to a small part of hope that he'll see his sister once more. It was nice that he did. I thought Erica would do something to prevent it, but she actually embraced it. Is this all part of her master plan?

Quite possibly. 

In the closing moments after Noah returned to the present, Quentin was very much alive, but it was revealed he was in cahoots with Erica and was informing her that Claire had twins. Damn you, time travel. 

Before we got to that point, there was a lot of crazy drama. We got to meet Matt Parkman again, but he was just as dull as he was on the original series and was actually working for Erica and trying to get the truth from Noah, but good old Casper managed to give a penny for his thoughts right in the nick of time. 

Additionally, we found out that Dennis had died in this new and improved timeline. I honestly thought he was going to survive, but it showed us just how Joanna and Luke became evo hunters and I ain't buying it. It was far too over the top and Joanna was bat shit crazy. The way she flew off the handle at the guy who was actually nice to her kid was despicable. 

The whole sequence felt very out of place and just not quite right. There should have been a grieving process before they turned into killers. I'm assuming Luke didn't want to be a killer, and he was only killing out of guilt he was helping others escape from the rubble. 

Poor Angela. She got to go party like it's 1999 and got to age. A lot. It's a testament to how nice Angela really is as a person. She knows that Malina and Nathan are earth's only hope, so props to her. 

Nathan: You're pretty young for a great grandmother.
Angela: Pretty big for a one year old.

Did anyone else feel bad for Nathan? He knew the day would come, but he didn't think it would mean having to say goodbye to the man who brought him up as one of his own. It would have been a good turn of events if the penny never wiped his memory, and he returned to save Hiro. 

As for Hiro, he could be dead. It was very stupid of him to have swords at the ready for Harris because every time he slices a limb off, Harris is just going to regenerate until there's a whole army of him. Did Hiro want to be killed? I guess that's a question for another time. 

I've been waiting for you.


We can't forget that Nathan has a very similar power to Sylar, and it sucked up Claire's power at birth, leading to her death. Oh, and there were some developments with Carlos and Farah, but they were boring. 

"June 13th - Part Two" was another solid hour. It was kind of reset for the series as we approach the conclusion. Buckle up, it should be an interesting ride to the finish.

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Over to you, Heroes Fanatics. What did you think of all the time travel? How do you feel about Quentin on the dark side? What's coming up? Hit the comments!

Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 9 airs Thursday November 12 at 8/7C on NBC.

June 13th - Part Two Review

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If it's time, I'm ready. I'm ready to save the world.


I've been waiting for you.