The Good Wife Round Table: Sexier Sex?

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Alicia got caught between two power players on the Election Board... a driverless car put a woman in a wheelchair ... and Peter and Alicia hit the sheets once again on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 7.

Below, TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate the safety of driverless cars, how Alicia should handle the vote and whether or not sex really sexier without love...

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Would you feel safe in a driverless car?

Carissa: No. That scene had me on edge. I was expecting the car to crash at any moment. They are definitely not for me. Apparently, I have trust issues.

Elizabeth: Maybe some day. The idea is appealing; it combines the best parts of public transportation (sleeping or reading on the way to work) while removing the worst pars (other people).  But having both human and computer driven cars on the road at the same time seems terrifying. 

Christine: I’m with Carissa. I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable in one. Plus, I really like to drive!

Was Alicia right? Is sex sexier without the feelings?

Carissa: In my experience, yes. You're not worrying about the other person at all, only yourself. That's ideal for a sexual situation. It's not ideal for love, however, so anyone who wants to confuse the two is going to have a bit of trouble. I'm guessing Peter did that for his whole marriage.

Elizabeth: I'm going to go with no, generally. I get what Carissa is saying, but personally, if there's absolutely no feelings there's no impetus for the other person to try and make you feel good. Peter and Alicia are in a unique situation where they already know each other's bodies intimately, so in that situation I could see it being better. 

Christine: I don’t think so. From a show perspective, sex with Will looked a whole lot hotter than sex with Peter. Alicia may not want to admit it, but she loved Will. Relationship-wise, I think Alicia is simply more comfortable finding the bright side in the status quo, even when she really should move on.

What should Alicia do about the Election Board vote?

Carissa: She should do whatever she wants. It's not going to get any better. Where those two men are fighting about this vote, two other men will soon be fighting over another vote. It's going to be a pain in the ass the entire way through. 

Elizabeth: Abstain for now, postpone a revote, and find a way to screw them both. 

Christine: She could call them both out on their ties to both companies. That could keep things interesting but theres no doubt that Landau will retaliate. It’s a bad situation all the way around.

Was there anything in “Driven” that disappointed you?

Carissa: Nope.

Elizabeth: Me either. Though I did think that Lucca may have been disappointed with the role she got to play at that deposition. 

Christine: Peter and Alicia sleeping together. I do wish Alicia would drop the entire charade of a marriage and move on but I suppose that’s not going to happen. I find her and Peter’s relationship oddly sad. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Carissa: I'm still not enjoying Alicia's new foray into tequila. While she only seems to have one drink, everyone points it out, and it's obvious they're pushing for an alcohol problem in her future. I'm not sure why they're creating drama where there isn't any. She drinks, but doesn't appear to go overboard. I guess that's coming next. Yay. Legally impaired Alicia. Can't wait.

Elizabeth: I loved Alicia's pure glee at Jackie and Howard's engagement announcement. I have a feeling that her grin will fall when she realizes she'll have to spend Thanksgiving with Howard! 

Christine: Jason and Peter meeting at Alicia’s. It was so awkward and so well played. I liked how Jason just rolled with it and was smart enough to flatter Peter but it left me wondering what he really thought of Alicia’s husband. 

Check back on Sunday for our review of The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 8 and if you need more now, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic.

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