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Louis Canning’s client, Wendy, ends up in a wheelchair for life after another car pushes her into oncoming traffic. Tim Brewster was behind the wheel but he says the car was in driverless mode and the brakes and steering wheel wouldn’t respond when he tried to stop it. The car company CEO says that’s impossible. Lockhart, Agos, and Lee is representing both the CEO and  Tim but when Tim feels like he’s getting blamed, Canning takes the opportunity to recommend he hire Alicia to represent him.

Mr. Dudowitz the genius engineer who created the T-Port driverless car figures out that friends of Tim Brewster hacked the car in order to mess with him, causing the accident. Then they erased the hard drive to hide what they did. 

Alicia is welcomed to the Chicago Election Board. Frank expects her to vote his way on the first vote. Alicia hesitates but eventually votes Frank’s way. Afterwards, she asks Jason to look into the KLT, the voting machine company that Frank is so interested in. 

Turns out Frank’s wife is invested in KLT but Holman, the other Election board member is invested in the other company they are going up against. Landau continues to threaten Alicia but she is unsure how she’ll vote when it comes up again. 

The press wants to know if Peter and Alicia are actually living together. The campaign asks that Peter stay with Alicia as long as he’s in Chicago. 

Alicia has Jason sign a Liability Waiver to keep the cost down on her malpractice insurance. He signs and she offers to make dinner (frozen mini-tacos, the only thing she has) when Peter shows up and he and his team move right in.

Peter and Alicia have sex. She says it’s sexier when neither of them care. Eli drops by and realizes what’s happening. He has no idea what to think of their arrangement.

In trying to win over Courtney Paige, a powerful CEO to back his campaign, Peter, Alicia and Grace plan a fake birthday party to show they are a happy family. Jackie and Howard shock everyone when they drop by and announce their engagement. 


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Lucca: Yeah, I can see you here, making clients way, ordering associates around, being the queen bee bitch.
Alicia: I'm a much calmer person now.
Lucca: Oh my god, that's a terrifying thought.

I have no words. No, you can keep talking but I have no words for this.