Chicago Fire Round Table: Ninja Turtles and Justin Bieber

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Boden continued to make things worse for himself on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 8, but how his latest dilemma be resolved?

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Harlow and Stacy Glanzman are joined by super fan Honey to discuss his situation, which side Patterson will choose and Chili's secret.

Join us, won't you?

Chicago Fire Round Table 1-27-15

How will Boden's situation be resolved?

Honey: I think that actually Boden is really doing harm to himself with all that he is doing to try to resolve this issue. But I also think that, and this is a long shot, Kelly's lawyer friend Jamie will come up with something about Serena and give it to Kelly. Maddox who is trying to frame Boden, has just about everyone in his pocket. In the end, Boden's situation will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Possibly even to the point of putting Maddox where he belongs, in prison.

Elizabeth: If Boden could get out of his own way and use proper channels, this might get resolved. He really needs to start talking to his lawyer, and following her advice. Not getting the plate off the car that Serena left in was a rookie mistake.

Stacy: I think Jamie is going to come through for Severide and find something that will help Boden's case.

Will Patterson choose a side? Which one?

Honey: I am still not sure about him. He is still playing politics and I think he is trying to make a decision. I loved it when Boden said this to Patterson, "You had the conversation with him. And offered to do my job for me. Patterson you're very good at playing both sides, but sooner or later, you are gonna need to make a stand for what's right."

Elizabeth: I think he's going to have to, and I'm hoping that he comes around to the 51 way of thinking.

Stacy: I agree he is going to have to choose, and I think he'll choose the right one. I think he's realizing that taking over 51 without the respect of anyone in the house is not really want he wants.

Is Chili hiding something? What do you think it is?

Honey: Yes I think she is. I think Chili is hiding the fact that she is an alcoholic, from the looks of her apartment. That could be one of the reasons she doesn't want to get serious about anyone. If anyone can help her, I think it just might be Jimmy because he really cares about her.

Elizabeth: Something is going on with Chili, but I'm not ready to call her an alcoholic. Her apartment looked pretty standard for an independent young 20 something to me. But Chili had a pretty unstable background, and her behavior might just be a manifestation of that.

Stacy: I do think she's hiding something, but I also am not ready to call her an alcoholic. We already had a drug abuse story line on Chicago PD. I am wondering if maybe she received some bad news about something, like an illness.

Should Brett date Otis or Austin?

Honey: I think Brett should date Austin. Just by the fact that when he was in pain in the car, he said something about "your eyes are incredible by the way." And who brings flowers to a paramedic that assists in the rescue and says "I would be over the moon if you let me buy lunch sometime." Yeah definitely Austin. She should take a chance. Just my opinion.

Elizabeth: Austin comes without the drama of dating somebody in house, and he is hella hot.

Stacy: It is a unanimous vote for Austin. Sure he's a little cheesy, but he is cute and I would like to see Brett give him a chance. Plus, if it didn't work out with Otis, working with two of your exes does not sound fun.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Honey: There were a lot, but I think my favorite was when Boden and Patterson had their confrontation. I hope he makes the right choice. And it was kinda cute when Austin told Sylvie about her eyes, loved that and her expression.

Elizabeth: Everything with the tortoise. The tortoise was everything.

Stacy: Definitely Hermann rescuing the tortoise and thinking it was a robot, and then his explanation later that he thought it was a Roomba. Just the thought that Hermann risked his life saving what he thought was a vacuum cleaner cracked me up.

Stacy Glanzman is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Brett: How is it you managed to crash into a parked vehicle?
Austin: I looked down at the radio to change the station. It was an emergency, they were playing Justin Bieber.

You know it's funny, you'll do whatever it takes to get ahead, someone else asks for a hand suddenly you're all about ethics.