Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 8 Review: When Tortoises Fly

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Firehouse 51 got a temporary new member on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 8.

Donatello the tortoise was rescued from a fire and hung around the house until they could find his owners. 

Poor Pouch did not seem too thrilled about the house guest. 

The tortoise provided some much needed comic relief with so much intense drama surrounding our firefighters. Pouch's reaction was adorable and funny.

Also, you have to love Herrmann thinking he was rescuing a robot. At least he risked his life for a living creature and not a vacuum cleaner. 

Then there was Jimmy's "I guess we got the wrong ninja turtle" line after learning his real name and Mouch's ambivalence to the escape attempt: 

Jimmy: Hey guys, the tortoise is getting away.
Dawson: Mouch, you gonna stop it?
Mouch: What's the rush?

Okay, enough about the tortoise, time to discuss the real stuff. 

Boden now believes Maddox is the one framing him, which actually makes a whole lot more sense than the Riddle theory.

I mentioned in the Chicago Fire Round Table that while I did think Riddle was behind it, it didn't make sense that he would go to such extreme measures to remove Boden from Firehouse 51. 

I had hoped the Maddox/arson storyline was behind us, but it is back in full swing. It does seem odd that Maddox would only target Boden considering Dawson is still a viable witness. Maybe she should watch her back until this is all over. 

The real question is, when and how will it end? 

I have a feeling Jamie is going to come through for Severide and dig up some dirt, and hopefully this will all be settled soon.

Boden was arrested, but we don't actually know why, and they made a point of not telling us. Did they find Serena's dead body? Is he being charged with murder? 

Because putting him away for 30 years for assault and home invasion wasn't enough... Here's hoping she turns up alive and comes clean! 

Patterson is really getting on my nerves. As Boden said, he's fantastic at playing both sides, and I wish he would just pick one already. One moment he is commending Severide and talking about reinstating him, and the next he's politely letting Boden know that he's available to take over his job if necessary. The guy is giving us all whiplash. 

Something is going on with Chili. No one is buying her lame excuse for being late. Jimmy is willing to put it on the back burner for now, but he knows something is up. What is it? 

While I did kind of feel bad for Otis, I am not rooting for him and Brett, so I'm hoping this whole thing just sort of dies out. I don't know what to make of Austin, but I like the idea of someone dating outside of the firehouse/police department/hospital. He doesn't like Justin Bieber, so at the very least he has that going for him.

No real progress was made on the Cruz/Freddie front. Patterson made a comment about ground rules, but that was it. Cruz must have a bigger plan to help him than just having him hang out at the firehouse all day, right? 

Then we had a couple AWWWWWW moments: 

  1. Casey wants to surprise Dawson with a weekend getaway! 
  2. Baby Boden made an appearance! 

Your turn! Will things turn around for Boden soon? They can't get much worse at this point. Hasn't Otis been driving the truck awhile now? It's a little weird that they just randomly decided to make him terrible at parking so they could put the tortoise's life in danger. 

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When Tortoises Fly Review

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Brett: How is it you managed to crash into a parked vehicle?
Austin: I looked down at the radio to change the station. It was an emergency, they were playing Justin Bieber.

You know it's funny, you'll do whatever it takes to get ahead, someone else asks for a hand suddenly you're all about ethics.