Days of Our Lives Review: Steve & Kayla Make Love

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From love to friendship to parenting, the men of Salem stepped up this week in a myriad of ways on Days of Our Lives.

Let’s start with Steve Johnson. He and Kayla’s love scene was perfect for being so understated. After spending most of last summer having to watch Ben and Abby have sex every other day, it was wonderful to see some romance for a change. I’ve watched Steve and Kayla since their story began and I appreciated that this reunion took its time in coming. 

No doubt that Steve is the romantic one in this duo which is why his impulsive proposal was very sweet but not a shock. Neither was Kayla’s request for more time. Just having Steve moving back home was enough…for now. 

But Steve upped the ante when he sat down with Joey. He knows his son is not working alone and he let Joey know it too. Then he scolded him for doing something as stupid as drugging himself to cause a medical emergency to force his parents back together. It was good to see Steve act like Joey’s father. Kayla shouldn’t always have to act like the bad guy when their son does something stupid and partnering with Ava is definitely stupid. Why is she back? Other than to cause problems for Steve and Kayla, I have no idea. 

Moving on to Rafe and Hope. Vigilante Hope is no fun at all. I had my fill of torture with Bo. Watching Hope try to turn the tables on Dr. Malcolm made me want to change the channel. 

However, it was good to see Rafe step up and tell Hope what she needed to hear, even if it didn’t seem to do much good.

I'm watching you and your damn life is spiraling out of control. Trust me, you need me.


Hope has checked out on the family that needs her in order to get vengeance for Bo’s death. She isn’t dealing with her grief over Bo and Aiden’s betrayal has been completely brushed aside. 

Unfortunately, Rafe letting it slip that he loves Hope didn’t help matters; It only made her walls stronger. I appreciated Rafe’s honesty. He didn’t try to hide his feelings but he did take the time to try and put them in perspective. 

What Hope will do now that Ciara’s life is on the line is anyone’s guess.

Chad not only saved Abigail’s life at the cabin, he also got her through the aftermath with magic milkshakes. He didn’t waver in his devotion to her, even when she apologized for giving him hope back when she was still involved with Ben. As Chad said in this great Days of Our Lives quote

Never feel guilty for giving a man hope.


But I did have one question…Where was Jennifer while Abigail was sitting at a table, alone and shaking. If ever there was a time to hover over her daughter, I’d say that after she gave birth to a pre-mature baby after being abducted by her crazy fiance and almost burned to death would be the time. 

Thankfully, Abigail had Chad who won me over completely when he told her…

Focus on what you have right now. You have your beautiful son, you have your life back, and if you want, you have me.


I have no doubt that Andre and Stefano will make sure these two won’t have an easy future but I’m really rooting for them to find some happiness soon.

Not to mention little Thomas Jack Devereaux. As a long time Days fan and a huge fan of Jack, I’m thrilled with the name, but is he really Ben’s? Could the baby actually be Chad’s and if so, will we ever get answers?

The biggest failure from the men of Salem this week was Philip Kiriakis’ return and I can’t believe I’m saying that. I’ve been hoping that Philip would return to Salem for years, but not like this. I wanted him to interact with Sonny, become friends with Will and maybe some sibling type rivalry with Brady.

The Philip from the past always had some edge but he also had a good heart. I know he’s just returned but we certainly didn’t get to see much heart, just a lust for power and money. That’s not the Philip I was longing to see. 

But perhaps this new version of Philip will give Brady the chance to be a better man. It already seems to be happening as he left Victor’s mansion and his job at Titan to be with Theresa and Tate.

One of the best new trends has been watching Theresa gain confidence and find her own sense of self. If that’s somehow coupled with the same from Brady as they grow as a couple, I’m all for it. I wasn’t a huge fan of this pairing in the beginning but I find myself rooting for them more and more every week. 

So now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. Who was your favorite couple in Salem this week?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about this week's happenings in Salem. 

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