The Young and the Restless Recap: Billy's Miracle

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Well that was one hell of a week, wasn't it?

It's not very often  almost every story on any given soap circles around one story, but that's what was happening on The Young and the Restless as almost every character had something to do with the last moments of Billy Abbott's life.

Of course, Billy didn't die.

Jason Thompson took over the role just as Jack turned off the machines kind of assuring anyone who didn't already know he would survive that survival was guaranteed.

Ghost Billy - The Young and the Restless

After all, they weren't exactly going to usher in Thompson with "the role of Billy Abbott is now being played by..." and then have Billy exit stage left! 

While the timing of his arrival seemed really odd, it turned out to be really effective, giving Thompson a chance to interact with all of the key players to show off his acting chops and give us a little idea of his supposed relationship with them even though they've never shared a scene.

It was kind of a shame he didn't die though, given the great pains taken to make the final goodbyes as touching as possible. So many people came by and their performances were beautiful.

There wasn't a single character who let me down during that sorrowful time, even Victor. Now don't get me wrong, he's still a bit of a jerk, but his words to Jack proved that he can put it all behind him when it's family. And Billy is family, whether he would have chosen him or not.

I kind of wished Billy would have asked Delia why she keeps aging in the afterlife, and she might have answered that children get to age there just like they do here (or something), because her continued appearances are starting to seem a little silly in that regard, but it was a sweet scene. Even though they've never acted together, I was moved, and that's a sign of a great actor.

We're in for exciting times with the addition of Thompson, and I had just grown to enjoy Burgess Jenkins after his amazing work at Adam's trial. 

Elsewhere Ashley and Simon Neville continued to grow closer as he became less of a goofball. I'm not certain why so many characters are brought in as one type of character and then changed, such as Neville, Marisa and even Mariah. But, it seems to work!

It was surprising that Neville didn't help out Jill, and Billy's cure was somewhat miraculous. Neville is devoted to Ashley at the moment. Surely her story (and agony) is just around the corner. 

Is anybody else but me kind of a little lost as to where Hilary really stands? Is she really in love with Neil, or is she playing a game? She has played so many that I can't even keep track. If she does love Neil, and she has her memory back, then I don't believe she ever really loved Devon.

And honestly? I'm done with her. It's gone on for so long it's more frustrating than intriguing. The most exciting thing that could happen with her now would be for Lily to off the woman out of sheer frustration so she could have something more exciting to do, as well. It's not like she'll go to prison.

Speaking of that, Dylan asked the right question when Paul offered him a Detective's badge. What, is this like the Wild West? HA! That was perfect. For once, someone realized we'd be picking apart that scene if he didn't ask, so it was done properly. It's not as if he should have been doing all the detecting he's been doing anyway!

And, finally, the only thing I like about the Natalie business is that Mariah is front and center. It's not the story I would have picked for her, but any story is better than none. She's so much fun.

I cannot believe after all of the buildup to awesome Natalie, she sold the program to thugs, and it turned out to be crap. Her computer was hacked! She's selling the next big thing in internet security and can't even keep her own computer safe? Worst story ever.

Billy is going to be happy he dodged that bullet by taking some punches and a car fender to the gut! On the plus side, at least Natalie didn't arrive with a ridiculous Swiss accent wanting hot cocoa instead of fries and mayo. Considering how Marisa arrived, would it have surprised you?

So what did you guys think? Up for the NuNewBilly? Did appearing in the midst of a death breath worth for you? Drop me a comment if you're in the area!!

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