The Young and the Restless Recap: Gaslighting Sage

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Working for Newman and Jabot is like playing a game of musical chairs.

Throughout the week on The Young and the Restless, everyone was bickering over who owns the rights to Natalie's software program, and Jack was attempting to get people back on board at Jabot. While he snagged Billy, Ashley will stay with Dr. Neville and Abby joined them.

Of course, first they had to get Adam back, which turned out to be awfully easy when all was said and done. 

A Cunning Plan

Probably the best thing about saving Adam was that the GCPD ended up using half of Victor's family, which he didn't find all that endearing. At least there were more than two women modeling dresses for Chelsea's show, but what did you think of the wedding gowns?

Natalie's, which was supposed to be the grand finale, was awful. And we didn't even get to see the bottom which Chelsea said could have been paired with cowboy boots. Um...OK.

Ashley and Neville shared a kiss. She's still dying and with Abby working for her (she's so going to regret leaving Newman), Ashley's worried she'll soon figure out her health is quickly declining. Granted, Abby did chat with Ashley about her problems with Max, but that's hardly a reason to let her just figure out her brain tumor business by accident.

Will they ever learn? Just tell her!!

The same can be said for Billy with the Natalie hacking business. Then again, does anyone else see a Billy/Phyllis dalliance coming in the future? These two are lighting up the screen right now. Phyllis seems to care for Billy in a way nobody else does and that she doesn't for Jack. Maybe settling down with Victoria wouldn't be ideal right now.

What I cannot figure out is what will happen when it's discovered Phyllis kidnapped Adam. She did do it, right? Will anyone even care by then? Adam is fine and the whole thing was about money. Victor kidnapped Marissa and wasn't charged, so why should Phyllis be? No harm, no foul – isn't that the GCPD credo?

I can't possibly be more bored with the whole Neil/Hilary/Devon thing, and I'm so glad Nikki came clean with Victor. Run far away from that strange triangle, Nikki. They're bad news.

The best part of the week was most definitely the unraveling of Dr. Anderson's plan. Or raveling? Nick and Sage are on the same side now and working together to get inside the world of the suspect doc. 

By having her breakdown and punching Dr. Anderson in public, Sage ensured she would be taken into custody. She pretended she wanted to go to jail so that going to the nuthouse would seem like a kindness for the poor dear.

Except Dr. Anderson really wants Nick and Nick and Sage are most likely no match for her. Adam freaked out, which ruffled Chelsea's feathers and also gave Sage the opportunity to tell Adam all was not as it seemed.

I have no idea what we're up against in the coming months, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if a master manipulator like Dr. Anderson manages to really mess up Sage to the point Nick isn't sure which end is up and Adam will have to come to her rescue, which will put a wedge between him and Chelsea and somehow expose Christian being his son before reuniting everyone and oh the mess.

Sharon and Dylan are getting caught in the cross-fire on this one, and while they aren't the main storyline, I hate what lies ahead for them. Chelsea, too. At least it doesn't seem like it will be one person against the world, which can really get intolerable. 

With Sage in there, there are a lot of people with a heads up that something isn't right from the onset.

Alrighty. That's about all that's fit to talk about this week. Jump in and say a word or two why don't you?!

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