The Young and the Restless Recap: Who's the Ma'am that Kidnapped Adam?

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It was another busy week for the residents of Genoa City!

The two stories that had the most weight when things were said and done circled around Adam's kidnapping, which involved half the major players in town as well as the internet security deal Kevin had been working, and Sage's sudden urge to fight back against Dr. Sandy Anderson, which finally made Sage interesting!

As usual, these stories are snowballing fast and furiously.

Some catalysts propelling them? Billy's awakening, Swiss "orphan" and hacking genius Natalie's arrival in GC and Sharon's decision to trust Dr. Anderson and go off her meds. Uh oh.

Adam is Pretty Tied Up - The Young and the Restless

Nick and Sage finally had their come to Jesus moment about Sandy Anderson, with Sage leading the charge. In varying degrees, they both realized the woman is everywhere, butting into their lives and very likely telling them different things at different times. 

Nick is a lot more hesitant to distrust "Sandy" than Sage. He seems willing to brush it off as something of a crush. And he's probably right, since Sandy Anderson is likely the woman from his youth who was injured at a pool party at the Newman ranch seeking revenge. She has something in mind for Nick, for everybody. But it shouldn't be brushed off.

Sage can't stand that Sandy is disparaging her to Nick and has taken to making sassy remarks to her face. I love it. I actually like Sage now. It was perfect for Sage to take up arms against Sandy, who I hate even more, because there was nowhere for her to go but up. She's a sassy Nancy Drew type. 

Nick also noticed Sandy is pitting Sharon and Sage and Nick all at odds, but Sharon is on such an artificial high she doesn't see it. That will be fleeting since Sandy talked her into going off of her meds. She's already showing signs of trouble.

Dylan's news of becoming a detective were met with a bit of out-of-control behavior on Sharon's part, which was kind of acceptable given the topic, until she turned it onto Chelsea. While the two made up and had a great conversation afterward, it's way too obvious Sharon's fall is being set up. 

The only good thing about this happening NOW is that Sharon and Sage are getting along really well, and Nick and Sage are so skeptical of Sandy Anderson. That will, hopefully, paint a better picture of Sharon when the baby switch news hits. The whole thing will be an absolute nightmare. Is there anything else in Genoa City?

And really, Dylan has his hands full. Sharon's daughter, Mariah (just tying it all together), is right in the thick of things with Victor, Kevin and this Natalie chick. Natalie is not trustworthy AT ALL. She's incredibly annoying, and I'm not sure why everyone falls for her supposed sense of humor. Can we place odds on her being spawn of Victor's?

She was raised in a Swiss orphanage. No parents (and when she said it, the camera panned to her face and Victor's), and the lack of evidence on her back story just screams she'll be related to someone. The ease with which Victor accepted her and made a deal without knowing anything is just weird.

Also, who actually talks about an investor coming after them WITHOUT EVER SHARING WHO IT IS? As a friend, a new investor, an old investor or the police, I wouldn't help New Natalie until she told me who the heck she's working with! It's ridiculous.

Especially because it's Phyllis. It is soooo Phyllis. 

What other ma'am has a reason to be so angry at Victor to kidnap his son, to have screwed over Kevin on behalf of Billy, and why would she then start waxing poetic to the newly wakened Billy about dreams you thought gone coming back around when you least expect and good things happening to good people and bad to bad...

Other nuggets:

  • Marissa was kidnapped, returned and Victor confessed to Dylan, and not a single thing was done about it. Genoa City is the best city for criminals EVER.
  • I really feel for Abby, because I don't think Stitch is handing things with Max correctly. The kid needs professional help.
  • What I did notice was Devon smiling and more alive than I've seen him in years. THAT's what one short scene with Abby did for him. What does that mean? 
  • Why hasn't Jill come to see Billy now that he's awake? Does the poor woman even know?
  • Dylan is a better detective in two days than his father was in 20 years. Ouch? Maybe Paul can retire soon.
  • Did you catch the dig Victor threw at Dylan about his "daddy" giving him a job? Aren't Luca and Marissa the only non-Newmans working at Newman they bought their jobs.
  • I'm still annoyed they're following the someone ran over Billy story. What happened to them realizing whoever did it probably didn't even know? Sigh

What do you think? Did Phyllis Kidnap Adam?

OK you guys, if you dropped by, why not say a word or two about what's exciting you? I'd love to hear from you!

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