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On Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 9, the title character's latest parenting stumbling block centered on sleep training Mateo.

It was a major battle that placed family members on opposing sides.

Meanwhile, Jane was starting her new job as a TA and was faced with a class full of basketball players, all looking for an easy A. They clearly did not know who their professor was.

Elsewhere, Petra confessed all to Rafael, determined to put her mother away for good.

Also, as you'll see when you watch Jane the Virgin online via this video featured here, Rogelio's mother came for a visit - and revealed a 40 year old family secret in the process.

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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Everybody knows how gay-friendly I am. Please, I was on the cover of "Out" magazine, in an issue that also featured my very suggestive editorial spread with Neil Patrick Harris.


Rogelio: Are you okay?
Liliana: Oh, I'm terrified. I moved in with your father right out of my parents' house. I have never been alone.
Rogelio: You're not alone, mom. You're not. I promise.