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Jane worries because she can't get Mateo to sleep through the night without crying. Alba and Xo think Jane needs to practice some tough love, but Jane gives in too easily to his crying. Eventually, she listens to their advice and Mateo goes to sleep. Meanwhile, Jane tries to get one of her students, who happens to be on the college basketball team, to write a paper. After he plagiarizes and she gives him an F, she feels pressure from the school to give him another chance. She challenges him to a friendly game of basketball in exchange for him finishing the paper. She loses, but he agrees to write it. Finally, Jane has trouble letting go of Michael, especially when Xo sees him out with another girl. Jane accidently friend-requests the woman on Facebook leading Michael to stop by and tell Jane he's finally moved on and is happy. It's what Jane needs to hear and she unfriends Michael on Facebook.

Rogelio's mother, Liliana, comes for a visit without bringing her husband along. Jane asks her what's wrong, and she tells her that her husband is gay and is leaving her. Jane can't keep it a secret, so Xo and Alba find out. Rogelio thinks his father must be dying so Jane reveals what Liliana told her. Rogelio is shocked but accepts it. At dinner, Liliana figures out they all know. More than her husband being gay, she's scared of the fact that she will now be alone. Turns out, Liliana may not have been in the dark after all when Rogelio's father shows up. He tells everyone that Liliana knew he was gay the entire time they were married.

Petra and Rafael try to figure out how to get her out of her predicament with the police. They figure out that the weapon Magda claimed Petra used was brought to the hotel after Ivan's death. Magda is arrested, but threatens Petra on the way out. Rafael reconnects with his mother, but it turns out she is actually Mutter. Rafael discovers this just as Michael does. However, Just as Rafael calls Michael, Elena injects him with a serum and he passes out. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Everybody knows how gay-friendly I am. Please, I was on the cover of "Out" magazine, in an issue that also featured my very suggestive editorial spread with Neil Patrick Harris.


Rogelio: Are you okay?
Liliana: Oh, I'm terrified. I moved in with your father right out of my parents' house. I have never been alone.
Rogelio: You're not alone, mom. You're not. I promise.