Grimm Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Map of the Seven Knights

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Alas, poor Felix. We hardly knew you!

At least he got to be in arguably one of the strongest episodes of the season thus far – Grimm Season 5 Episode 10 was straightforward and tightly-written, and the Case of the Week (RIP Felix!) served the long-term arc. In this case, very long term: the Seven Keys were introduced all the way back in the pilot episode!

A Clue to His Ancestors - Grimm

Yes, indeedy-do! Team Grimm got itself a third Key. For those keeping count, this was the last one unaccounted for; the Royals possess the other four. Aunt Marie entrusted Nick with the first Key in Grimm Season 1 Episode 1 (!) and Rolek Porter gave them the one he had in Grimm Season 3 Episode 21.

This was one of those story-lines that had fallen by the wayside for quite awhile, to the point where it seemed that it had been forgotten entirely. Maybe now we'll find out what those Crusaders were trying so hard to protect?

It was extremely gratifying to return to this story, I have to say. I hope that our patience will be rewarded with a great payoff!

I definitely enjoyed meeting Monroe's uncle, Felix, despite his sudden and totally unsurprising demise at the hands (well, teeth) of the two Black Claw Anubis Wesen. There was an amusing moment when Felix started to babble on, and everyone else was just smiling knowingly.

His inclusion in the story felt organic, rather than tacked-on; it made sense and progressed in a natural manner. Plus, it helped give a little further insight development to Monroe.

Let's devote a moment to our favorite Blutbad. During the fight with the Black Claw soldiers, we got to see a side of Monroe he rarely shows. This was the Monroe who accidentally ripped off the arm of a would-be assassin while protecting Aunt Marie in Grimm Season 1 Episode 2.

This was a nice demonstration as to why most people don't like to tick off the Blutbaden. Monroe might be a cello-playing, Pilates-practicing clockmaker, but he is also quite capable of killing you with very little effort.

There were only a few scenes that didn't serve the main plot; one of these featured Renard and Dixon, the would-be mayor. They were conferencing with Dixon's campaign folks, one of whom made a remark about the futility of wrestling with pigs. "You get muddy, and the pig has fun," was the gist of it.

Renard's response?

You don't wrestle a pig. You take him to slaughter, and make bacon.


While there's no logical reason I can fathom for Dixon to be holding a conference like that with Renard, and the whole plotline doesn't seem to have any point so far, that one line was awesome enough to make me ignore that for the moment. Be sure to visit our Grimm quotes page for more from this episode.

Before I adjourn, I'd like to take a moment and talk about Eve. Trubel talks with her about Juliette, and it seemed apparent that while Eve retains Juliette's memories, there's a clear emotional disconnect. Trubel seemed at least somewhat disconcerted by this, and Monroe definitely harbored some feeling there. Frankly, I wish Juliette had stayed dead, but we have to go with what they're writing.

I do wonder if one day this weapon of theirs might turn on them if it becomes logical or reasonable. Whatever Meisner and Hadrian's Wall did to Juliette to make her into Eve, it almost certainly crossed the moral event horizon.

A few final musings before I sign off:

  • Thinking about the keys made me wonder: what ever happened to Rolek Porter's son Josh? Last we saw, Josh was being looked after by Trubel, but that was before she got involved with Hadrian's Wall.
  • Team Grimm acted as if the whole Black Forest thing is somehow a surprise, when they had already figured that bit out pretty much for certain when they acquired the second key.
  • Will anyone tell Meisner that they don't need the $100,000 after all?
  • Meisner "won't risk" Trubel for a cache of priceless Grimm knowledge that Black Claw wanted to destroy? I know that the writers wanted Monroe and Nick to confront the Black Claw guys by themselves, but that reasoning made little to no sense.

So, fellow Grimmsters, what did you think of "Map of the Seven Knights"? Did you enjoy meeting Monroe's uncle? Are you excited about them finding a third Key? Are you glad Team Grimm got to keep the trove of knowledge and weapons? Let us know in the comments section below!

Did you miss this episode! No problem! You can always watch Grimm online to catch up on all the fun! Grimm Season 5 Episode 11, "Key Move," is scheduled to air on Friday, March 4 at 9/8c on NBC.

Map of the Seven Knights Review

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

It's just so weird that you slept with both of them while the were each other! Relationships are difficult enough without getting into that sort of bizarre arithmetic.

Monroe [on Nick, Juliette, and Adalind]

I think it's kinda homey, in a post apocalyptic, neo-industrial, steampunk chic kinda way.

Monroe [about Nick's new paint factory house]