The 100 Round Table: Blood Must Not Have Blood

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Bellamy and Clarke had an emotionally fraught reunion following the massacre committed by Pike's army on The 100 Season 3 Episode 5, while Clarke attempted to broker renewed peace between the Sky People and the Grounders.

Join TV Fanatics Meg Bonney, Paul Dailly, Allison Nichols, and Caralynn Lippo as we chat about "Hakeldama." We're weighing in with our thoughts about that Bellarke scene, Lexa's big decision regarding retaliation, and what the heck is going on with those ALIE chips.

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The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

React to that Bellarke scene.

Meg: SOBBING! Hours and hours of sobbing. These two are amazing to watch. Nobody gets to Clarke like Bellamy does and it's heartbreaking to watch, but needed to happen. Clarke had to leave to deal with her grief, but she didn't think about how Bellamy was dealing with it.

Bellamy thinks he's a monster and when Clarke wasn't there for him to lean on after the mountain incident, he went right back to hating himself. In his mind, he's protecting her by handcuffing her and stopping her from going back to be with the Grounders who he has decided can't be trusted.

Paul: I love these two characters, but Bellamy is quickly becoming annoying. I get that it was a natural progression for what has been through, but Clarke is not going to forgive him in a hurry. Will he be able to win her trust back?

Allison: It was such an amazing reunion, and I've been waiting for this conversation to happen. Bellamy calling Clarke out on everything that she did last season from trusting Lexa to leaving him, it was just heartbreaking. Like Meg said, Bellamy and Clarke have such a bond.

Bellamy and Clarke understand each other better than anyone else does. They went through so much side by side as partners, and then when Clarke chose Lexa, it broke him. I'm not saying this in a romantic sense, but Clarke started to trust Lexa and listen to her insights instead of discussing what's the best course of action with Bellamy.

He lost a partner, his co-leader, and gah, I just love that he brought all of that up to Clarke in that scene. Bellamy is trying to protect his people from the Grounders who threw the first spear and started this entire war.

Caralynn: Oof, that scene packed such a punch. While Bellamy is clearly in the wrong, it was very satisfying to hear him voice all of the reasons why he is doing what he's doing. His logic is faulty, for sure, but it really does make sense why he's spiraled out of control in this way and why he's doing what he's doing.

Bellamy handcuffing Clarke right after she smiled at him and said that they could fix this was like a shot straight to the heart. It was a huge betrayal of Clarke's trust, and she's not going to take that lightly. The entire scene was electric, so riveting.


Who is worse: Jaha or Pike?

Meg: Pike. Jaha is brainwashed, and Pike is just a murderous douche.

Paul: I agree with Meg. As much as I hate the City of Light nonsense, Jaha is a good character.

Allison: I honestly can't decide. They both believe that they are doing what's right for their people. Jaha wants to protect everyone from pain and the physical world, and Pike was to protect his people from the Grounders. I still have faith that Pike might see reason one day, but I think Jaha might be too far gone. This is a tough one.

Caralynn: They're definitely two distinct versions of crazy/annoying. Meg's right, at least Jaha has the excuse of being brainwashed, Pike is just a deranged, prejudiced leader. I think Jaha can be redeemed but at this point, I don't think there is any hope for Pike.

Pike's gotta die by the time this season wraps. He's the Cage Wallace of this season – the character I can't wait to see die horribly.

Raven took the ALIE chip! Were you surprised? What does this mean for Raven, for the rest of the season?

Meg:  I was surprised! But it's all a mind trick which means her leg isn't actually any better. I just worry about the consequences when she snaps out of it and her leg is damaged beyond repair. It finally gets me interested in that City of Light story!

Paul: I was also surprised, but if it makes her happy, I'm all for it. I'm slightly concerned that ALIE will be able to control her now and she's going to do some stupid things.

Allison: It made sense because her entire life is ruled by pain right now, and that's the thing that Jaha says he can fix. Abby already told her that her leg was never going to get better, so what does Raven have to lose?

The promo made it seem like the City of Light takes a toll on other parts of the body and/or mind, so I'm expecting to see some side effects. Also, like Meg said, now the City of Light is finally getting interesting, so yay.

Caralynn: The show is doing a fantastic job of finally integrating the City of Light storyline with the other plots. I'm already dreading the fallout when Raven comes out of this ALIE-induced high/positivity and realizes that nothing has changed.

It's going to be heartbreaking. I do think that, given the limited lead in to Raven taking the chip, the show did a great job of showing why she would choose to do so. She's broken and depressed, and Jaha/ALIE preyed on her vulnerability expertly.

Lexa is (apparently) going to take a peacekeeper approach to the conflict, rather than retaliating by wiping out the Sky People. What do you think about this move?

Meg: Really stupid. Either her people will see this as her being weak and try to kill her or Pike will see it as a sign of weakness and try to kill her. She needs to act.

Paul: I thought this was stupid, too. She's given the Sky People a chance and they didn't take it. She had no part in the attack on Mount Weather, but she should be thinking of her people now more than ever.

Allison: It's hard because Skaikru massacred an entire army. This wasn't a small crime. So much blood was lost, and the Grounders aren't going to be willing to forgive that easily. Peace is always a noble goal, but I'm with Indra – the Grounders will not be happy that Lexa isn't retaliating.

Lexa is going to have to give one hell of a speech or something to prevent another mutiny. Lexa can't give Skaikru too many get out of jail free cards otherwise she won't be Commander much longer.

Caralynn: Lexa's motives (long-lasting peace) are admirable, but I don't take Indra's speech to Lexa lightly. The Grounders are not going to be happy about this. I can't imagine that Lexa's leadership survives this decision. "Blood Must Have Blood" is such a foundational part of the Grounder culture.

I agree with Allison, she is going to have to use every single ounce of her political acumen to get her people to understand the logic behind her actions. I do suspect that regardless of what she does, at least a small faction of dissenters are going to attempt to rise up and remove her from power.

I hope she's able to band together with her people and shut down any form of rebellion, if that springs up.

The Grounders recognized the symbol on the ALIE chip Murphy was carrying and called it "the sacred symbol." What the hell is going on with that? Speculate.

Meg: Lexa says "Death is not the end" and so does Jaha. It must be part of their history somehow but only for some sacred few. Maybe that is how so many people survived. They were chosen and hid in ALIE's house during the bombs. They were given a chip when chosen.

Paul: I have no idea, but I'm intrigued. It's kind of made the story line with ALIE a bit more interesting.

Allison: This is another reason why the City of Light storyline got a whole lot more interesting to me. The Grounders have interesting views on death and the soul/spirit, so I'm excited to learn more about this symbol and it's history. Who was the first to use it?

Caralynn: It definitely seems like this will play into their religion/mythology. I love Meg's idea that some of the Grounder elders/ancestors were brainwashed by ALIE and subscribe to her whole shtick about the City of Light. Either way, I'm intrigued and want to see how this plays out.

Who was the MVP of this episode?

Meg: Octavia!!! She was amazing. But it's a three way tie with Bellamy and Clarke, for the crazy levels of emotional complexity they brought to this episode.

Paul: Raven! She's by far the best character on the show!

Allison: I'm going with Octavia as well. She went above and beyond. When Kane needed her, Octavia went outside the walls. She gave Bellamy a piece of her mind, and she helped Clarke escape.

Caralynn: I'm gonna go with Lincoln. Mostly because I suspect he's not long for this world and I want to give him as much praise as possible before he goes. I really do think that he is one of the bravest characters on the show.

After being essentially abandoned by his people, he still wasn't willing to abandon them and he stood up to Pike's goons when they started to lock away the Grounders. Of course, he ended up getting himself jailed too, but his actions were admirable.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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The 100 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

We went too far.


Pike: This morning on the muddy field our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders: "This land is OURS now! Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death." Today is a new beginning. Mark it down, remember it -- just like the Grounders will remember it.