Watch Chicago Med Online: Season 1 Episode 11

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Will this team ever see eye to eye?

On Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 11, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Choi clashed big time over the dying wishes of a patient, but were they both right in their own way?

Meanwhile, a pending lawsuit against Dr. Halstead moved ahead. However, his brother, Jay, had a lot to say about it. Did he manage to save his brother?

Also, doctors raced to save a patient who had a misdiagnosed flesh-eating disease. 

Did they manage to come together to save the patient?

Use the video above to watch Chicago Med online and find out now.

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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Then honor his wishes. I hope when my time comes, to be so lucky as to have someone extend me the same consideration.

Downey [to Connor]

You know, I have tried to be supportive of you, but one more misstep and I will suspend you. You will be barred from this hospital until the lawsuit is settled, and when it is, I will recommend to the board that you be terminated. I'm done.

Sharon [to Will]