Watch Jane the Virgin Online: Season 2 Episode 10

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On Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 10, Jane got a creative burst of energy in the middle of the night, starting her thesis as a result.

But then Mateo spilled orange juice all over her computer, causing it to crash and causing Jane to lose all her hard work. OUCH!

Upon taking her computer to be fixed, she met Dax (guest star Diego Boneta) and - with the urging of Lina - started to think about dating again.

Elsewhere, Rogelio choce to have his mother become his manager... but he quickly realized that was not the best decision.

You can imagine why, right?

Or, better yet, don't just imagine why. Find out why when you click above and watch Jane the Virgin online.

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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

When was the last time you got any action? Virgin action, even?


Rogelio: Is that a new "or else" look.
Adriana: Yes.
Rogelio: Wow.
Adriana: I have recently added it to my repertoire. Is it threatening?
Rogelio: Extremely.
Adriana: Good.