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Is roughing it with beer in place of coffee the dream of all 40-year-old women?

Probably not. And possibly not even 26-year-old men, as we learn onĀ Younger Season 2 Episode 7. But that's exactly what happens at the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Festival. And people are shirtless.

And Liza? Well, she's making mistakes left and right, because texting with more than one person can get crazy!

At least she's not doing as badly as Diana. When she goes on a date with her author, Hugh, things go from awkward to downright awful when she breaks something that's not easy to fix.

You're going to have to watch Younger online to see it all for yourself.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Liza [to Charles]: You're going to be in By the Book? In the Times?
Diana: No, Liza. In Cat Fancy.

You need to know something. No, you deserve to know something. I am objectifying you right now.

Hugh [to Diana]