Bates Motel Round Table: Seduction, Suicide and Tender Moments

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On the round table for Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 2, we're discussing the incredible power behind not knowing what lies ahead and how Norma's past decisions impact her current position, how Norman will progress in Pineview and how we might feel in his shoes.

Chat about all of this and more when you join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Liza Babick and Carissa Pavlica by sharing your thoughts in the comments or on social media! This was an amazing episode, so get connected!

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Norma has made some decisions that have put her in the position she's in now. What do you think they are and how can she help herself going forward?

Stacy: Honestly her biggest problem was choosing to be naive and ignore how bad things have gotten until now. Ignorance is not bliss in this case. She already did the best thing she could to help herself, which is finally admitting how far gone Norman is, and that she can't help him all by herself. She has to stick to her guns going forward and not let herself be manipulated by him.

Lisa: I agree with Stacy. Had she not put the blinders on and blamed everyone else for Norman's problems, she wouldn't be in the position she is in now. She needs to be strong and not let the guilt consume her. She also needs to get herself into some therapy to help work out her own issues.

Carissa: As I watched this episode, the biggest mistake seemed to be not only keeping it all to herself, but when she did open up, refusing to say he was a danger to anybody. Romero knows her and read between the lines, but will anybody else? As Norman's story unfolds, I wonder if the doctors will see his true state. I have a feeling they might not. Unless he brings Mother into the conversation, and Mother strangles someone in the hospital. Fingers crossed!

If you were Norman, how would you be feeling about things right about now?

Stacy: He doesn't remember anything from his blackouts and he has no idea how dangerous he is, which makes him that much scarier. None of this is from his conscious mind, so it makes sense that he is feeling scared and betrayed by his mother. I mean, based on the snippets he's seeing of Norma and being locked in his room, I can kind of see how he is making the assumptions he is making. He doesn't know he's the crazy one.

Lisa: He just got out of a very scary psych ward, and Norma promised him she'd never let him go to a place with a bunch of crazies, and now she's sending him away. I would be boiling over with rage right about now.

Carissa: I'm with Stacy, more than anything. He's so confused and scrambled. He's seeing the wrong things. His anger isn't nearly as terrifying as the fact he truly believes his Mother is the one who has committed all of his atrocities. God bless them for creating this series. What an awesome idea.

How do you expect Norman's treatment to progress at Pineview?

Stacy: Honestly I just hope he makes it there. I was definitely worried he was going to cause a car crash at the end of the episode and escape from Romero. If he does make it there, I think the only way to help him at this point is to keep him heavily medicated.

Lisa: He's going to deny there's anything wrong with him. I don't think he's going to be very cooperative, either which just may cause him to be kicked out.

Carissa: Stacy!! I could NOT believe Romero had Norman in the front seat with him!! I was so thankful to see Norman in the hospital in the preview. If I was Norman, I would have kicked my way out. But, that's also testament to how much he loves Mother. He just might make a go of treatment to try to get closer to her again and understand why she is doing this to him. This not being the hospital stay, but setting him up to take the fall. God, this is so twisted.

What, for you, was the most haunting moment of the episode?

Stacy: I was seriously disturbed by Norma trying to seduce him into giving her the gun. I feel like that's going to be etched in my brain for awhile.

Lisa: The basement scene when he suggested they commit suicide together. I was surprised he even suggested it, but even more surprised that Norma rejected the idea right away. She still believes there's hope.

Carissa: On the flipside of Lisa's answer, when Norma made the phone call to Romero from the attic (did anyone else have the split second thought there would be no signal?) and it seemed she came to the realization she may never leave there alive. It was the most honest she'd ever been with him.

Be honest. Did you think Norma was making it out of "Goodnight, Norma" alive? Thoughts?

Stacy: Yes, it's too early to kill her. That's a season (or series) finale moment, but that doesn't mean I wasn't feeling the tension the whole time.

Lisa: Yes and no. The logical side of me knew she wasn't going to die yet, but this episode was so intense, the other side of me thought that he might just pull the trigger in the final basement scene.

Carissa: A good thriller commands that I am never sure, and this episode accomplished that. I was ready for them to pull the rug out from under me at any moment. And, frankly, that's where we are right now. Norman is the motel manager. Norma's fate should be sealed. It's all up to the creative team. Damn them!!! {{shakes fist at the sky}}

Bonus* What do you think of Will Decody?

Stacy: I like that he sees the good in Dylan and isn't judgmental. He's looking out for his daughter, but he also realizes that Dylan is a good guy who really needs a career change. He's not telling Dylan to stay away, but he wants him to really think about the choices he's made and be the better man he's capable of being.

Lisa: He's seems like a caring father and a nice guy overall, but everyone in this town has a secret, so there's the possibility there's a dark side looming. After all, he did teach Norman the art of taxidermy.

Carissa: Thumbs up on Stacy's answer. The advice he was giving Dylan was sound and very kind. I'm not sure why I was surprised. I'd like to think there are more people like Romero in town and that Emma's dad is one of them.

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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Norma: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?
Romero: I thought because you came to my house and asked me to marry you, maybe you wouldn't be OK.

Norman: Curious. What did you need to do that was so urgent that you needed to lock me up?
Norma: I needed to buy some groceries.