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Norma is calling Pineview in the hopes of getting Norman into their facility as soon as possible. 

Norman can't remember the day before at all. The last thing he remembers is being locked in her room. 

Audrey wasn't dead when Norman killed her, and Norman recalls his mother killing her and stuffing her into the freezer downstairs. Whoops.

He wonders what really happened while he was locked up. Where are the grocery bags?

Elsewhere, they're getting ready to see how Emma breathes with her new lungs. It's an absolutely terrifying 30 seconds as she learns to breathe with them, but it works. 

As Norma wants to go clean a room because someone checked out, Norman wonders who and why it's so urgent. He didn't see anyone. He goes downstairs to see the freezer and it's empty.

When Norma gets back, she can't find Norman. He's in the basement. The animals are out of the freezer. Why, she wonders? 

Norman asks Norma where the lady with the red hair is. Norma didn't see her luggage. She checked out. Norman wants to help her, because he really loves her. What a freakin' nightmare.

Romero comes over to check on her, make sure she's OK. They chat, talk about the pit being a danger and he wonders if she's scared of Norman. She has to let him know. She doesn't and goes inside. 

At home Romero takes out some of his money. Damn. He has a lot of it. He goes to Pineview to try to make an impact. 

While Norman reads her poetry, Norma has a vision of Audrey at the bottom of the pit. She tells him to go upstairs and lay down while she goes to investigate. She finds a glove at the bottom, but no body. She comes out of the pit covered in mud, and Norman manhandles her to get her to go into the house and avoid checking in guests. He's not above making a scene is that's what he needs to do.

Romero calls with good news. He got Norman into Pineview. He'll also marry her if she still wants him to. She's kind of speechless. For once. Because Norman's 18, he'll need to sign a paper, unless he's dangerous, then Romero can expedite something. 

Unfortunately, Romero gave the place the office fax for the paperwork. There is a family in there with Norman. Norma is never going to make it to the office.

Norman has the papers. 

Dylan and Emma's dad, a former English Lit professor, get to know each other. Dad gives Dylan some advice. If he's serious about Emma, he needs to think about something other than selling pot. If she's going to have a future, she deserves better, and honestly, so does he.

Norman begins having visions of his dead father, who is telling him his mother killed him. As well as...you need to control her, Norman, before she destroys you.

For some reason, Norma was hiding in the bushes, waiting to go into the office after Norman left. Did she really think he wouldn't see the fax? She notices he did, indeed, see the fax.

Norman tells Norma he doesn't think they should go out for dinner. He doesn't think they should go anywhere. He's so ominous it hurts. She begins to make chicken pot pie. He's not leaving her alone because he doesn't trust her. He's afraid of her and he loves her, and that's very frightening. I don't think you're in your right mind, and think you're trying to sabotage me, he says.

Norman confronts Norma over the dinner table. He tells her he thinks she killed everyone he killed. Because of jealousy. And he's trying to blame it all on him. She runs upstairs to get a gun hidden under her mattress. Norman has it.

To get the gun from Norman, she tries to seduce him. It doesn't work. She breaks free and runs into the attic. Oh Jesus Christ.

Norma calls Alex, who doesn't answer. She says Norman should be admitted, like right now. She tells him she's incredibly grateful for what he's done to her and what's he's been to her. Never does she say Norman is dangerous.

Norman is listening to old time radio when Norma comes out of the attic. No, it's a movie playing on the laptop. Norman is nowhere to be found. Norma gets a giant pair of tree trimming sheers out of the hallway and proceeds into the basement.

Norman is down there. He knew ignoring her was the best way to get her down there, because he has a gun, and she loves him. He has the papers in his hands. He's not leaving her out there to run amok. He wonders what's behind her back. Norman suggests they take each other out. They've tried to find peace, and it's just not for them. They'll find it elsewhere, and they'll be together.

Romero arrives just in time. Norman hasn't signed the papers, though. Alex says too bad, then he's going to county. Norma, distraught, runs after, papers in hand. If Norman just signs, he won't have to go back to County. Norman signs and Romero drives him away while Norma cries in the parking lot.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Norma: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?
Romero: I thought because you came to my house and asked me to marry you, maybe you wouldn't be OK.

Norman: Curious. What did you need to do that was so urgent that you needed to lock me up?
Norma: I needed to buy some groceries.