How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Philip Is Back!

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This is why you should always look under the bed when you come home at night.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 13 gave us the return of Philip, who was presumably stalking out Wes but stumbled upon Annalise instead. Will she escape? That's a very obvious yes, but maybe we'll learn a thing or two about the enigma known as Philip. It's about time.

Aside from Philip's creepy appearance, we also had a breakup that no one wants to see become permanent. Join our TV Fanatic round table members Miranda Wicker, Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz and Whitney Evans as they tackle another thrilling installment!

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1. What was your favorite scene?

Miranda: That last scene where we were figuring out that Philip was in Wes' apartment with Annalise instead of Wes was pretty spectacular. This guy is legitimately crazy and Laurel TRIED to warn Wes that Philip would come for him. She was right.

Rachel: Definitely the ending with Philip reaching out to grab Annalise. Philip is the true monster under the bed.

Amanda: Looks like we are all in agreement. I knew something bad was going to happen, but I wasn't expecting Philip to be there.

Whitney: I liked the reveal that Rose really did commit suicide. I started thinking of so many different scenarios as to how she died and it was almost a shock that it played out just as we'd been told it did from the beginning.

2. Is there still hope for Frank and Laurel?

Miranda: Definitely. I think so. I think all he would have had to say was that he didn't kill Lila for Annalise but for Sam and Laurel would've started putting together the pieces that they killed a very shady dude. Frank just needs to get Laurel to sit down and he needs to spill it all.

Rachel: I think there is. They’ve both been through a lot and just need to give each other some space for a while. Afterwards they can reconcile and pour their hearts out to one another.

Amanda: I hope so! I definitely DO NOT want her with Wes. Frank needs to fully explain what happened, because he clearly didn't kill Lila for Annalise.

Whitney: They love each other, despite what Laurel says, so there's always hope when there's genuine love between two people.

3. Bonnie now knows Frank killed Lila. React!

Miranda: WHAT IS THIS DEVELOPMENT EVEN? Does Frank know that Bonnie killed Rebecca? Is she trying to get blackmail information on Frank for some reason? Does Bonnie have tape recorders hiding all around Annalise's house and is she spying on EVERYONE?

Rachel: Bonnie is a creep. Why does she insist on eavesdropping on everyone’s conversations? Is she going to use this information against Frank?

Amanda: I think she placed the recorder there to find out what was going on between Frank and Laurel, which is still a creeper move. I don't think she is going to take the news well at all considering how she felt about Sam.

Whitney: Yeah, I have more questions than conclusions when it comes to this development. Bonnie has been semi-normal lately and it just took a few scenes to remind me that she is grade A crazy. Her and Frank do have a bond, so I'm curious to see what she does with the information.

4. Were you surprised Rose really did kill herself?

Miranda: Yes and no. I thought there was a strong chance the Mahoney's killed her, but once the heavy maternal overtones started rolling, my mom-gut said it was most likely that Rose took her own life believing she could protect her son by doing it.

Rachel: After seeing how Rose was really trying to protect her son, I wasn’t surprised. I just hated how Annalise just left her there though.

Amanda: I was actually surprised, which is what makes this show so great to watch. They went with the narrative the cops told, and in a show full of twists and turns, I wasn't expecting Rose's death to be so obvious.

Whitney: I agree with Amanda. It was surprising because it played out as we were told, which is something that rarely happens on this show.

5. Philip is officially back. React!

Miranda: This guy is a total whacko. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve and how Annalise is going to get out of this one.

Rachel: Philip is crazy! I can’t wait to see how Annalise and the crew will get away from this one. Philip is not going down without a fight.

Amanda: I'm glad he is just because we don't know much about him. I'm ready to learn what really happened.

Whitney: Philip gets blamed for everything and there's just no way he's responsible for it all. So I'm glad he's back and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of things before the finale!

Don't forget to tune into How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 14, "There's My Baby," this Thursday at 10/9c!


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