Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Blood Calls to Blood

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Everything looked like it was coming up roses on Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11, until Michael Wayland spoiled the mood and dropped a major bomb.

Still, Clary was pretty clever.

Let me dwell on it - Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 11

The whole Michael Wayland thing did seem kind of strange. Why would Valentine take off and just leave a prisoner behind? A true madman wouldn't be that careless. At the very least, he would've killed the guy.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise to find out that Michael Wayland was Valentine in disguise.

It was pretty obvious that Clary was suspicious from the get go, but why didn't she share her suspicions earlier? I get that her lovey dovey feelings overwhelmed her common sense when she saw Jace was okay after the blood transfusion, but why wouldn't she have at least brought it up to Luke at some point?

Luke should have recognized the off-ness of the whole situation, anyway, the minute Michael Wayland came into the Jade Wolf. I mean, couldn't he at least have smelled the demon blood flowing through Valentine, because he was injecting himself with demon blood, right?

So, if werewolves can smell vampires a mile away, it makes no sense he wouldn't have been able to sense something wasn't right about this guy.

Even putting all that aside, just the idea that a guy who was supposedly killed 10 years ago is found alive and well (and in pretty great condition, mind you) in a locker of a madman's lair should have been enough to raise the warning bells.

I actually liked Michael Wayland better as Valentine than Valentine as Valentine. Wayland's creepiness factor was a solid 10. The way he got into Jace's head was especially cruel, and is exactly the kind of thing a big bad should be doing. 

It was a little disappointing when he straight out asked for the Cup. It was like he put a big, flashing sign over his head that screamed, "Hey, I'm really Valentine," because it made absolutely no sense that he would have a different effect on the demons than Clary did. 

Of course, Clary was going to hand it over to him, because she knew the truth. It was pretty clever of her to make a glamour of it to give to him instead, but she could have just called him out. After all, she found her mom, and she had the real Cup, so if she needed to, she could have opened the doors and had the demons take Valentine down. 

And all would have been well in the Shadow World. But what fun would that have been?

And while it was super ridiculous, I actually enjoyed when she told the demons to "knock it off" like she was talking to a bunch of puppies. And they listened! Ha.

Still, the whole scene, which should have been filled with tension, just fell flat. 

Even Valentine dropping the bomb about Jace and Clary being brother and sister should have been more shocking, but it wasn't. It was just very blah. And how lame was it for the big bad to just throw open a portal and run away? 

But, the way all the events affected Jace was extremely significant. His devastation at the end of the episode was palatable. This poor guy's life was just turned upside down. Valentine got into his head big time.

While all the Jace/Clary/Valentine drama was going on, there a different kind of drama happening at the Institute: Izzy went on trial for high treason.

While the trial tried to be very dramatic, it too fell flat. Lydia's speech about truth and justice wasn't even halfway convincing, and it was no surprise that Izzy was going to be freed. 

About the only interesting thing happening there was Magnus telling Alec he was making a mistake marrying Lydia. I like that Magnus isn't giving up on Alec. It makes you believe there is hope for Malec.

Other Thoughts:

  • Luke giving Simon downworlder lessons was cool. Luke telling Simon Clary and Jace were brother and sister was not cool. Why is Luke playing matchmaker? And wouldn't Luke know about Jace being Valentine's son considering him and Valentine were parabatai?
  • I loved when Magnus told Alec he would do him pro bono. Yes, it was corny, but it was still cute.
  • Magnus doing that weird "law is the law" thing was just odd and not cute.
  • The jury is still out on Lydia. There's something off about her. She's too...something
  • More Raphael, please.

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Blood Calls to Blood Review

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