Supergirl Round Table: Will Jeremiah Return?

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Kara let a new person in on her secret on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 17. Did she make the right call?

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Jay Ruymann, Kathleen Wiedel, and Stacy Glanzman discuss our favorite flashbacks, Kara spilling the beans to Lucy, and what awaits J'onn and Alex at Project Cadmus.

Join us!

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Which was your favorite flashback?

Jim: Seeing Jeremiah Danvers saving J'onn was a nice piece of the puzzle to finally see in flashback. We had heard the briefest version early on, but this felt more complete.

Christine: I liked seeing how difficult it was for Kara as a child. She's always had the heart of a hero. Unfortunately, trying to adjust to a different planet where she didn’t fit in and couldn’t use her powers without being outed had to be difficult. Jeremiah was the only person who seemed to understand what she was going through.

Jay: I really enjoyed Alex's flashback, even though it was short. I never saw Alex as the party girl type, so I'd love to learn more about her past. We don't really know much.

Kathleen: For me, it was Jeremiah and J'onn bonding over their daughters. Poor J'onn.

Stacy: I really enjoyed watching Kara interview for her job at CatCo. It was fun to see her very first interactions with both Winn and Cat.

Did Kara make the right call telling Lucy her secret?

Jim: I had supported her telling Lucy earlier, so yes, it was the right call. Now that Lucy is in charge of the DEO and wanting Kara's help, I suspect the two will become closer. It will be good for Kara to have a non-sister female friend who knows her secret.

Christine: I was skeptical about Kara telling Lucy the truth before just because she was James's girlfriend, but this felt right. She needs someone on the inside of the DEO to help her and Lucy is that person. Plus it will be interesting to see how Kara and Lucy’s relationship develops now that James isn’t at the center of it.

Jay: Yes. I always wanted Lucy in on it, and this way was a million times better than Kara telling her because of James. I think it'll be interesting to see their partnership and Lucy running the DEO.

Kathleen: Like Christine, I was skeptical about Kara revealing her secret identity because Lucy was James's girlfriend. Under these circumstances, however, it made sense. Plus, with Lucy now heading up the DEO, it will allow the two characters to form a relationship deeper and, frankly, much more interesting, than two sides of a love triangle.

Stacy: I was also against it when it was just about James and Lucy's relationship, but telling her now was the right move. Kara is the reason Alex and J'onn were in the situation they were in, so taking that risk to help them made sense.

What will Alex and J'onn find at Project Cadmus?

Jim: Hopefully Jeremiah alive and sane. But, given he's been there for 10 years, that might be asking a lot. I'd love to see Dean Cain join the cast on a more full time basis. Can you imagine the reunion with the whole family...I'm getting tears just thinking of it.

Christine: Oh, I really hope they find Jeremiah soon. I’m a fan of Dean Cain and would love to see more of him but I also think having him back in Kara and Alex’s lives could add more complexity to their story.

Jay: I honestly have no idea. Probably nothing good. I doubt Jeremiah will be there because it would kind of ruin the father/daughter story between Alex, Kara and J'onn.

Kathleen: For the record, Cadmus was the first ancient Greek hero and was known as the greatest monster slayer before Hercules. He also legendarily created warriors from the teeth of a dragon. Coupled with what was said in this episode, it seems entirely likely that Jeremiah was used as a guinea pig for experiments to create advanced humans using genetic alterations from alien subjects. I'm having flashbacks to Stargate: SG-1 right about now.

Stacy: I am guessing they will find Jeremiah, but who knows what state he will be in when they do. Chances are he won't be the same man Alex and Kara knew, and re-establishing a relationship with him may not be easy.

Will Siobhan make a good villain?

Jim: Did she literally trip and fall into her powers? WHA??? I'm not sure how good of a villain or hero she will make. Sure, she hates Supergirl (and Kara) but I'm really confused on how that translated to superpowers.

Christine: So her superpower is screaming? I’m not up on the comic book version of this so that kind of made me laugh. I like Siobhan when she’s not lying or being sneaky so I hope she doesn’t become a complete villain. It would be nice to see someone who struggles more with how to use their powers and that could be Siobhan.

Jay: I'm over it. I want her to be a good villain: they're spending so much time setting up her story and her finding her powers, but I'm sure it'll be a one and done episode as usual.

Kathleen: I really wish they had clarified exactly how Siobhan acquired her superpowers, because Jim made an excellent point. Maybe we'll get an explanation next week? As it is, I'm not all that impressed.

Stacy: I'm with Jim, that ending felt rushed and a little silly. I'm hoping we get more clarification as to what exactly happened and how she ends up with powers. I think she could potentially make a good villain, and it'll be interesting to see her teamed up with Livewire.

With only three episodes left, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

Jim: Jeremiah found and J'onn & Alex cleared to work back with the DEO. I like Hank and I don't want to see Alex on the run or leave the show.

Christine: I agree. I want Alex and J’onn back at the DEO and I hope they bring Jeremiah with them. I also wouldn’t mind if Kara and James got a little bit closer. Maybe not a full-on romance just yet, but the hints of one as we end the season would be nice.

Jay: I want to see more Lucy/Kara and I want someone else to discover they have powers and join Kara in protecting the city. I agree, I want J'onn and Alex's names cleared before the season is over.

Kathleen: I'm super-excited for the Flash crossover next week, and I hope it leaves the door open for more potential crossovers between the two shows in the future. Maybe once they clear Alex and J'onn, they will return to the DEO with Lucy still in charge but J'onn able to act as an asset in the same way as Kara. We also need to see what's up with Non and Myriad, too! Ultimately, I really hope that they end the season on a happy note, or, failing that, don't leave us on some corny, cliche cliffhanger.

Stacy: I almost wish they had left the Jeremiah bombshell for season two, because there's still so much to wrap up in these last three episodes. With the crossover next week, I am guessing we'll have one episode dealing with Project Cadmus, and one dealing with Non and Myriad. Hopefully it doesn't all feel too rushed.

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Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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