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On Bitten Season 3 Episode 7, Katia was holding Rocco.

Rachel, of course, was a mess. She needed to test out her magical capabilities to try to find him.

Whether they would be any help or not would come down to how well she was taught by Paige.

Clay, meanwhile, was in contact with the Red-Eyed Assassin. That dude thought he had a lot in common with Clay.

That's just nuts, right? Was he begging for friends or what?

Elena was busy meeting with her Uncle Konstantin and setting a new plan into motion. 

She wanted to kill her grandfather, Roman. And she wanted to ensure Red-Eye would stop tracking her family.

Find out how everything played out when you watch Bitten online!

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You've tasted the power. How can you not want more? What is it you care about so much?


If you'd like to see what I'm capable of, just watch.