Watch Quantico Online: Season 1 Episode 13

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Do these trainees really have what it takes to survive on their own in the field?

Everything was tested on Quantico Season 1 Episode 13 as the team learned how to source information from confidential informants, but not all of them excelled at the task.

Alex and other agent found themselves in a life-or-death situation in the future and it forced them to share classified information. 

What was the fallout from this? Will Alex be trusted again? What else went down during an intense hour?

Use the video above to watch Quantico online to find out how it all plays out. 

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Alex: For someone with a bomb strapped to their chest, you are thinking straight.
Natalie: I was always better than you.

You may not like each other, but you're going to have to learn how to trust each other right now.