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At Quantico, the NATs latest lesson is on human intelligence. They have to first learn how to identify what personality type someone is, and then figure out the best way to approach them. Once the NATs practice on their peers, they are sent off to a real life location where the FBI hopes to cultivate some informants.

There's a twist. The NATs themselves were the ones being tested. Everyone in the bar was an agent, and while the NATs tried to turn them, the agents tried to turn the NATs. Alex and Iris failed the test because they were willing to compromise their integrity to get a source. Alex promised to wipe away a DUI, and Iris offered to help her mark out with customs. 

Alex and Natalie reluctantly break into the FBI server room in order to get classified information for the terrorist. It turns out that what the terrorist wanted was the upcoming schedule for each presidential candidate. Natalie and Alex manage to figure out where the terrorist downloaded the file from, but when they get there, everything goes wrong.

It was a trap. As Alex goes outside to take a call from the terrorist, the laptop that Natalie was examining explodes. Natalie's dead because of Alex, and she runs to Ryan for help. Of course, the terrorist is one step ahead. S/he threatens to kill Ryan if Alex doesn't stop playing games. Now, Alex has agreed to do whatever the terrorist asks.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Alex: For someone with a bomb strapped to their chest, you are thinking straight.
Natalie: I was always better than you.

You may not like each other, but you're going to have to learn how to trust each other right now.