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Beware the wrath of the sky!!!!!

That was the battle cry onĀ Younger Season 2 Episode 11, not only from the pages of the books that have been keeping Empirical afloat, but elsewhere, as well.

When Edward L.L. Moore came to town for the latest book, "Crown of Kings," he immediately fell in love with Liza.

What that meant to Liza was yet another public display she had to worry about keeping from people. Notably, her daughter, Caitlin.

But that was the least of her worries, because after discovering Thad's stall rabbit behavior, he was gunning for her.

To see what he found out, watch Younger online right here. The sky's wrath awaits!!

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Younger Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

My God. She walks like a lyric poem. Here's our Princess Pam Pam.


Maggie: And Kelsey's really gonna marry this creep?
Liza: Oh God, I hope not. He better tell her the truth, otherwise I have to. I can't lie to her.
Maggie: All you do is lie to her.
Liza: I only lie about my past, not her entire future.