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Liza and Maggie are waiting for Caitlin come over, watching Thad's video. She's moving back in. Liza wants to tell her about her job. Maggie chuckles. 

Liza really hopes Thad tells Kelsey the truth so she doesn't have to.

Thad texts Liza. They need to talk about that video.

Liza arrives at work. Lots of hubub about Crown of Kings. They're releasing it tomorrow. It's the end of the season. Big deal! Very big deal. Diana and Charles are freaking out.

Crown of Kings basically carries the entire company. Edward L.L. Moore gets approval over all the actors who play his characters in the Times Square event. He arrives, rolling over Liza's foot, laughing like a maniac.

Nothrami is his Dothraki. 

Princess Pam Pam comes in to say, "Beware the Wrath of the Sky!" And none of the actresses are piquing Moore's interest, but Liza sure does! Diana has the language of the Kronish down pat. But he won't tell HER the last line of the book. He tells her he has to eat her now. She grimaces.

The crown is being taken through Empirical on a pillow. 

Liza has to run home to get her outfit, and Thad runs into the office, worried about her SECRET when Kelsey mentions it.

Noooo! Thad runs into Caitlin outside and she says she's Liza's daughter. 

Charles is gobsmacked when he sees Liza in her costume. Liza's 6-pack is ridiculous. 

Caitlin tracks down her mother...which is a problem. Major problem. Or is it?

Charles finally rescues Liza. The go for a drink, see the book is selling well on Amazon. Charles admits he wishes the bottom would drop out so he could start over. What would he do, she wonders? Does she really want to know? 

The way she looks at him when they're talking. It's different. Thad interrupts with a text. It's her college graduation photo.

He ignores her calls. He was sleeping like a baby. Leverage does that for you.

Liza tells Thad to go for it. She doesn't care what he does. Kelsey deserves to know what kind of person she's marrying. Liza won't let her marry him no matter what he say's he'll do. This isn't over, he says. Oh yes it is. And just like that, a crane working on a high rise goes a little off kilter and drops a giant beam onto Thad, crushing him.



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Younger Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

My God. She walks like a lyric poem. Here's our Princess Pam Pam.


Maggie: And Kelsey's really gonna marry this creep?
Liza: Oh God, I hope not. He better tell her the truth, otherwise I have to. I can't lie to her.
Maggie: All you do is lie to her.
Liza: I only lie about my past, not her entire future.