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Just how much does a job at Empirical mean to Liza?

All along, we've been led to believe that it's the reason for her lies, but on Younger Season 2 Episode 12, Liza quit.

She couldn't take being at Empirical as a reminder to Kelsey of something she did to Thad.

Thad, who had a surprise in store for Liza even after his death (yes, he was dead).

But the big cliffhanger wasn't about pretending to be 23 at all.

Because the job Liza got was at the Paramus Mall, and everyone at Empirical wanted her back.

So they sent Charles to get her. And they shared a moment.

And Liza saw Josh at Thad's funeral. 

But what does it all mean?? You have to watch Younger online to find out. It's the only way to know!

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Younger Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Josh: I'm just sad.
Liza: Yeah, I'm sad, too.
Josh: You wanna be sad together?

Liza: I don't want to lie anymore. I'm going to tell Kelsey everything.
Maggie: What?
Liza: She deserves to know!