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Thad's funeral. Liza wants to tell Kelsey everything. Maggie says to get a grip, it might be really bad timing. Then Chad, Thad's twin takes the pulpit. What?!

There are a bunch of girls at the after party, and Kelsey wonders why they're crying and scattering like pigeons whenever she looks at them. Chad wanders up, wondering about Thad's computer password. He wants to delete his browser history and stuff for his privacy before showing anyone.

Josh checks in with Liza. Yet one more person shocked she was there when Thad died. He just wanted to be there for her ever since he heard the news. They have sex. Liza calls it mourning sex, but he doesn't get it, thinking she means morning. While they're in bed, Greta arrives. She has a key, something Liza never had. WTF? He shoves her off the window.

Diana is so excited because Stephanie Smith, a well known magazine astrologist, is coming in. Kelsey cannot promote to people that they can predict their lives, not after what happened to Thad!

Chad comes in with video of Liza and Thad fighting before he died. Liza admits they were arguing over what she knew – that he was cheating on her. Kelsey said she was not the morality police, and it's ridiculous.

Liza decides to quit. She lies to Diana, saying she got an offer elsewhere and she's leaving. She never wanted to leave this way, and she's very sorry, but she thinks it's the best.

Diana has a new, very annoying temp, and immediately asks Kelsey where where Liza is. Kelsey has no idea. Charles is shocked. Everyone rallies and starts looking for her. Liza is a clerk at the Paramus Mall.

Liza sees Therapist Denise at the mall. Denise asks her to stop by the house, keep in touch.

Kelsey finds her. Charles is appointed to go and find her.

He tells her that when you're young, it seems like you're responsible for everything, but you're not. They want her back and Empirical, so please think about it. And while she's at it, think about this...he kisses her.

When Liza goes into the office, Diana accepts her like it's normal. Kelsey asks her to please never disappear on her again. They embrace.

Josh is waiting for Liza at home. He wants to be with Liza and broke up with Greta. He's all in.

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Younger Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Josh: I'm just sad.
Liza: Yeah, I'm sad, too.
Josh: You wanna be sad together?

Liza: I don't want to lie anymore. I'm going to tell Kelsey everything.
Maggie: What?
Liza: She deserves to know!