The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Is There Hope For Stefan?

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Will Stefan be saved?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 17, we got to see multiple different sides to Stefan and it made us wonder if there was any hope for him.

Below, TV Fanatics Kelly Thompson, Amanda Steinmetz and Miranda Wicker discuss Stefan's dilemma, Damon's mistake and Rayna's next move...

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What did you think of Stefan's storyline?

Kelly: I'm over Stefan playing multiple roles. It made sense when Nina Dobrev played a handful of characters but I'm over it when it comes to Stefan. There is no part of me that thinks Stefan will die so what is the point of this storyline?

Amanda: Other than that phone call between Stefan and Damon, I didn't care for the storyline. At least it didn't take everyone multiple episodes for everyone to know that Stefan wasn't in the right body. 

Miranda: I really enjoy watching Paul Wesley play different characters partly because I know how much he enjoys it himself. Plus, he's never so good as when he's playing someone who is deceptively evil. I wouldn't hate it if Ambrose stuck around for a while. 

Is there hope that Stefan and Damon can make it out of this one?

Kelly: Yes! I'm sure it will be in some dramatic fashion but Stefan isn't going to die and Damon will be the one to save him.

Amanda: It's always possible that either Stefan or Damon could die, but I just don't see the show going on without both of them together.

Miranda: Of course they'll make it out of this one. They have Stefan's hero hair and Damon's snark to save them! 

What did you think of Ric?

Kelly: Ric is almost becoming as useless as Matt and Enzo. I didn't miss the last episode and he is adding nothing to overall plot of this season.

Amanda: I agree with Kelly. Ric used to be one of my favorite characters (especially his friendship with Damon), but he's become so passive as a character. I get that he became a father, but I wish we could see old the Ric. 

Miranda: I'm beginning to wonder why they brought him back to the show. He's kind of a wet blanket right now. Suit up, former hunter. Your girls are safe. Ride into battle and save your friends. 

Will Rayna go mad before she inevitably dies?

Kelly: No, she will die first and it can't come soon enough. I'm very ready for a new big bad.

Amanda: I have no idea, but I'm ready for her to go. She's not a compelling villain at all.

Miranda: I actually really like Rayna and wouldn't mind it if they found a way to keep her around.  

Will Valerie be waiting for Stefan if he gets better?

Kelly: Yes, which she should. It's evident that Val loves Stefan so she should wait for him. Val has been a great addition to the show this season so I hope she sticks around for the rest of this season as well as season 8.

Amanda: Even though she said she never fooled herself into thinking Stefan would be with her forever, I still think's she's probably holding out hope.

Miranda: Valerie will carry a torch for Stefan for as long as she's alive, and to be honest, I like Stefan better with Valerie than I do with Caroline. I think.  

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