Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Family Ties

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Amelia's temporary escape to the 7-11 was just the start of the drama on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 24.

It wouldn't have been a season finale without one life in danger, and April's premature labor left both her and the baby teetering on the precipice of death.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Kelly Thompson, and Elizabeth Harlow as they get down to business and talk about the highs and lows of "Family Affair."

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If you were Meredith, would you break things off with Riggs after your sister's revelation?

Stacy: No, right now this is just a crush for Maggie. Meredith needs to tell her the truth now before she develops real feelings and potentially gets hurt. I think Maggie will understand if Meredith is upfront with her from the start.

Kelly: I agree with Stacy. At this point there is really nothing to break off with Riggs. Maggie and Mer need to have a conversation before things get out of hand.

Elizabeth: I would probably try to feel Maggie out a little bit more. It's a delicate situation. Riggs definitely needs to be spoken to about raising Maggie's expectations. In the end, even though Maggie doesn't have any claim, I'd probably bow out.

Will it be smooth sailing for Ben and Bailey next season or are there still rocky roads ahead?

Stacy: I hope so. I think they're ready to put this all behind them and move on. I love them and I don't want to see them fight anymore.

Kelly: I'm ready for them to stop fighting, but Bailey better not shorten Ben's suspension.

Elizabeth: I want the to be happy, but I don't feel like they worked out any of their underlying problems, so I could see some bumps ahead.

What should Baby Avery be named?

Stacy: Anything but Samantha.

Kelly: No idea. Don't really have an opinion.

Elizabeth: Normally I'd come up with naming her at least in part after another character, but "Ben" doesn't really translate to a girl's name... I see them going with something classic, not trendy.

How do you feel about Sara Ramirez leaving? Was it time, or do you see a way Callie could come back?

Stacy: I'm really sad to see her go. I wasn't loving her story line lately so much, but I still love Callie. She's not dead, so I see no reason why she couldn't come back some day if she wants to.

Kelly: I'm a little sad to see her go. Callie wasn't my favorite character, but she was always able to add humor to the show.

Elizabeth: Other than her leaving and the Sofia custody battle, her plots had been lacking lately. It sounds like both Sara and Shonda left it open for guest returns and possibly even her rejoining the cast. Callie's been great, but she could use a break.

Was there anything that disappointed you about the finale?

Stacy: I wish we could have actually seen the wedding. Also, I definitely groaned at the obviousness of Alex walking in at exactly the wrong moment. I hate tropes like that. They're so overdone.

Kelly: Agreed. Alex beating DeLuca without allowing an explanation as to what was going on was ridiculous. Jo being married was the biggest disappointment. I mean, come on...she really wouldn't have told Alex by now?

Elizabeth: Where were Meredith's kids through the whole wedding ordeal? The kids have been hit or miss all season, and this just highlighted that. I also thought Alex's moment of entry was predictable and lame.

Favorite scene or quote from "Family Affair?"

Stacy: There were so many great ones. Maggie's "This is your love day!" was great, as was Jo blurting out "let's have a baby!" I also liked Meredith's quip that Owen could use some sun. Lots of great, random moments.

Kelly: Arizona taking the high road and telling Callie that they made a mistake in their custody hearing. Shared custody is what Sofia deserves. I also loved Weber seeing all the ridiculousness happening at the wedding.

Elizabeth: I agree with Stacy that there were some seriously funny one liners, but I really liked a lot of the April and Ben scenes. When Jackson insisted that Ben save her, I cheered.

Favorite scene or storyline of the season?

Stacy: Probably the entire episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 9. Seeing everything from Meredith's point of view after she was attacked was really interesting. Denzel did such a great job directing that episode.

Kelly: I don't really have a favorite storyline from this season. This season wasn't horrible, but it was just an average season storyline wise.

Elizabeth: Even when the storylines themselves were lacking, there were a lot of episodes this season that pushed the envelope artistically. Meredith's isolation (as Stacy mentioned), the backwards episode with Jackson and April, that horrible dinner party – those all stood out to me.

Elizabeth Harlow was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She left the organization in October 2018.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 24 Quotes

Alex: You know, I was Mer this morning, and I was thinking, we've been through hell. You know, all kinds of drama. Crazy family stuff, we both almost died. losing people we loved.
Jo: No, you're not losing me.
Alex: The point is we grew up. Mer and I are grown up. We got through it. And hell behind me, it's in my rear view mirror and I'm not going back, I'm done. I'm not some idiot kid any more, Jo, I'm a man. I'm done with games, and I'm done with crazy.

She'll be fine! You have no idea how many people have locked themselves in that bathroom. They're all fine.