37 Times TV Characters Got Their Groove On

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It's time to break out those dancing shoes and get down with some of our favorite TV characters!

Some of the goofiest and most memorable moments of our favorite TV series involved dance numbers, and we decided to showcase some of the best.

How many of these slick moves do you remember? Which ones made you laugh the hardest?

Scroll through our slideshow and let us know your favorites in the comments!

1. Dancing It Out - Grey's Anatomy

Dancing It Out - Grey's Anatomy
Any fan of Grey's knows dancing is necessary for these characters to deal with all the darkness and drama that surrounds them. The "twisted sisters" especially use it as a form of therapy throughout the series.

2. The Routine - Friends

The Routine - Friends
Could "the Routine" be any more ridiculous? Ross and Monica's eighth grade dance was not going to successfully get them on TV during New Year's Rockin' Eve...well, except for the blooper reel.

3. Slo-Mo Chicken Dance - New Girl

Slo-Mo Chicken Dance - New Girl
Jess is excited to join her new roommates at a wedding, but they are afraid she will embarrass them and don't appreciate her uncool love of the Chicken Dance. However, after each has a disappointing evening, they all bond while chicken dancing to "A Groovy Kind of Love"

4. Zumba - Chicago Fire

Zumba - Chicago Fire
Brett discovering that Cruz was a zumba instructor gave us one of the funniest moments ever on the series. While some of the guys had some skill, it was impossible not to laugh at the not-so-coordinated firefighters.

5. Snake Juice - Parks and Recreation

Snake Juice - Parks and Recreation
The whole Parks department showed up to support Tom's nightclub, the Snakehole lounge, and the unveiling of his new drink, Snake Juice. Hilarity ensued as they all got incredibly drunk, and we were treated to Ron cutting it loose!

6. Once More With Feeling - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Once More With Feeling - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One of the best episodes of the series, the musical episode of Buffy was full of song and dance. While a lot of the subject matter was serious, the music made it fun. Who knew these actors were so talented?

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