37 Times TV Characters Got Their Groove On

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It's time to break out those dancing shoes and get down with some of our favorite TV characters!

Some of the goofiest and most memorable moments of our favorite TV series involved dance numbers, and we decided to showcase some of the best.

How many of these slick moves do you remember? Which ones made you laugh the hardest?

Scroll through our slideshow and let us know your favorites in the comments!

1. Dancing It Out - Grey's Anatomy

Dancing It Out - Grey's Anatomy
Any fan of Grey's knows dancing is necessary for these characters to deal with all the darkness and drama that surrounds them. The "twisted sisters" especially use it as a form of therapy throughout the series.

2. The Routine - Friends

The Routine - Friends
Could "the Routine" be any more ridiculous? Ross and Monica's eighth grade dance was not going to successfully get them on TV during New Year's Rockin' Eve...well, except for the blooper reel.

3. Slo-Mo Chicken Dance - New Girl

Slo-Mo Chicken Dance - New Girl
Jess is excited to join her new roommates at a wedding, but they are afraid she will embarrass them and don't appreciate her uncool love of the Chicken Dance. However, after each has a disappointing evening, they all bond while chicken dancing to "A Groovy Kind of Love"

4. Zumba - Chicago Fire

Zumba - Chicago Fire
Brett discovering that Cruz was a zumba instructor gave us one of the funniest moments ever on the series. While some of the guys had some skill, it was impossible not to laugh at the not-so-coordinated firefighters.

5. Snake Juice - Parks and Recreation

Snake Juice - Parks and Recreation
The whole Parks department showed up to support Tom's nightclub, the Snakehole lounge, and the unveiling of his new drink, Snake Juice. Hilarity ensued as they all got incredibly drunk, and we were treated to Ron cutting it loose!

6. Once More With Feeling - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Once More With Feeling - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One of the best episodes of the series, the musical episode of Buffy was full of song and dance. While a lot of the subject matter was serious, the music made it fun. Who knew these actors were so talented?

7. The Elaine - Seinfeld

The Elaine - Seinfeld
Elaine attends a company party and decides to cut loose, unaware of how bad she is. However her spastic moves cause her coworkers to lose all respect for her. The episode ends with an entire city block mocking her behind her back.

8. Talent Show - Castle

Talent Show - Castle
Ryan and Esposito show us why they were the winners of the annual police talent show two years in a row. Castle and Beckett never ended up competing, but it's hard to imagine they would have beaten these moves!

9. Try Again - The Mindy Project

Try Again - The Mindy Project
Despite his curmudgeonly persona, Danny gives Mindy the nicest Secret Santa present ever of learning the original choreography to Aaliyah's "Try Again." While Danny dances several more times, including an excellent strip tease, this first taste was the sweetest.

10. Toxic - Jane the Virgin

Toxic - Jane the Virgin
When Britney Spears is scheduled to perform at the Marbella, Jane dreams of dancing to "Toxic" with her. While it is just a fantasy, we got to witness an awesome side-by-side routine.

11. Sheldon Shags - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Shags - The Big Bang Theory
The girls let Sheldon join them on their ladies night, mostly because they want to see him dance. While Bernadette assumes he'll look like a "spider on a hot plate," Sheldon assures them he's quite qualified. After all, he was forced through cotillion, which gave him "all the social graces and dance skills needed to function in 18th century Vienna."

12. The Running Man - iZombie

The Running Man - iZombie
It's Liv and Lowell's first date. Unfortunately Lowell has recently consumed a gay brain, making romance out of the question. However, they still had a great time together, which included practicing the Moonwalk and the Running Man.

13. Here Comes Treble - Modern Family

Here Comes Treble - Modern Family
Cameron is starting his new job as a music teacher. While his students might not have the desire to learn, we can't fault him for his lack of enthusiasm.

14. Blowing off Steam - Scandal

Blowing off Steam - Scandal
Even the White Hats need to unwind occasionally, and that's just what Jake and Oliva are doing in her apartment. Who can blame Jake for declaring his love after seeing those moves?

15. Forever - The Office

Forever - The Office
At Jim and Pam's long awaited nuptials, the Dundler Mifflin family couldn't be stopped from getting in on the action. They may have lacked originality, copying a youtube sensation, but their enthusiasm is endearing and joyous.

16. Jack's Smooth Moves - Blackish

Jack's Smooth Moves - Blackish
While Jack is one of the twins, he and Diane couldn't be more different. He is definitely the more charming of the two, using sweet dance moves to get what he wants.

17. Passing the Time - Orange is the New Black

Passing the Time - Orange is the New Black
The ladies of Litchfield prison have a lot of time on their hands, and what better way to pass it than to get their groove on? They're serving time, but that doesn't mean they can't have any fun while doing it!

18. The Gang Dances Their Asses Off - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Charlie's illiteracy nearly screws them all out of their pub when he signs them up for a radio dance contest. The gang must win to keep the bar, and the contest goes on for hours. In the end, Frank's homeless friend Larry wins and they get to keep the bar.

19. Happy Dance - Cougar Town

Happy Dance - Cougar Town
The cul-du-sac crew is always finding excuses to dance or have fun. But when Ellie is being silly and Travis is wearing a helmet for his fractured skull, it's a memorable occasion.

20. Gina's Passion - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina's Passion - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
When Amy is trying to get at risk teens to join a Junior Officer Program, her attempts to inspire fall flat. Gina trys to help by showing them her passion, which is dance. She treats them to an amazingly ridiculous routine to "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera.

21. Rulers of the Dance Floor - Girls

Rulers of the Dance Floor - Girls
During her failed attempt at a graduate writing program, Elijah goes to visit Hannah in Iowa. When they attend a house party, we get a taste of what they were like in college, the life of the party and rulers of the dance floor.

22. Clone Club Dance Party - Orphan Black

Clone Club Dance Party - Orphan Black
It's hard to believe that only one person in this scene is not Tatiana Maslany, which is why this scene took two days to shoot. But the result was well worth it, as it is easily one of the best known scenes of the series. From Allison raising the roof to Felix shaking his tush, they laid it all out on the dance floor.

23. Rain Dance - How I Met Your Mother

Rain Dance - How I Met Your Mother
Ted was willing to do just about anything to keep Robin from going on her camping trip with Sandy. His rain dance may have looked incredibly silly, but it was ultimately successful.

24. The Jig - Scrubs

The Jig - Scrubs
The Janitor's main objective in life is to make JD's life more difficult. He's usually just annoying and lying to him, but he often preforms stunts, including this little jig, just for JD's benefit.

25. Boombastic - Fresh Off the Boat

Boombastic - Fresh Off the Boat
Eddie and his friends are preparing for their first school dance. So of course they have to practice their moves, all of which are learned from MTV's The Grind. This slow roll to Shaggy's "Boombastic" really brings ya back.

26. Closet Dancer - Sherlock

Closet Dancer - Sherlock
One of the highlights of Sherlock serving as Watson's Best Man is the moment we find out that he is a closet dance lover. Who would have guessed he could pull off a near-flawless pirouette!

27. The Carlton - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Carlton - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Anyone who grew up in the 90s remembers Carlton's iconic dance, which he busts out to Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual." His dance became a staple of the series, and Will even joined him in the finale.

28. Strip Tease - Shameless

Strip Tease - Shameless
After going AWOL from the Army, Ian got a job at a gay bar giving strip teases and lap dances. His Bipolar Disorder may have been the reason for his risque behavior, but we're not complaining.

29. Kenneth's Street Performance - 30 Rock

Kenneth's Street Performance - 30 Rock
After catching the investment bug, Kenneth decides to do a little street performing to raise more money. Too bad the $10 he made doesn't equal the amount he lost in the process.

30. Sectionals - Glee

Sectionals - Glee
Of course the entire series of Glee was made up of song and dance numbers, but we're featuring the show's two best dancers - Mike and Brittany. Here they are showing off their dance solo during the song "Valerie" at Sectionals.

31. She'll Be Mine - Galavant

She'll Be Mine - Galavant
King Richard is a villain in the first season. However, his first song about destroying Galavant and tormenting the poor is somewhat undercut by his silly dance moves.

32. Straight Up - Faking It

Straight Up - Faking It
Even with secret romances and crushes, when Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” starts playing, Amy and Karma hit the dance floor to perform their song, which even includes a lift.

33. The Jackal - The West Wing

The Jackal - The West Wing
Who could forget C.J. lip syncing to "The Jackal?" It was easily one of the most memorable moments from the series, not to mention one of the funniest. Even normally serious Toby couldn't be bothered during the performance.

34. Hot Sundae - Saved by the Bell

Hot Sundae - Saved by the Bell
Jessie’s breakdown over her caffeine pill addiction is definitely the most memorable part of Hot Sundae. But before it became too much, the girls recorded a video for “Go For It” capitalizing on the 80s/90s aerobics boom, complete with leotards, jump ropes and trampolines.

35. Unleash the Fever - Parenthood

Unleash the Fever - Parenthood
When Adam Braverman "unleashes the fever," you can't help but catch it too. His ridiculously awkward dance moves always get the party started!

36. Dance Dance Revolution - Will and Grace

Dance Dance Revolution - Will and Grace
Always the performer, Jack will never pass up on an opportunity to strut his stuff, especially in public. The arcade game "Dance Dance Revolution" might as well have been made specially for him.

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