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Amelia's mother and sisters are refusing to come to the wedding; Maggie overheard the arguement with Mama Shepherd on the phone and tries to reassue her afterwards only to have the bathroom door slammed in her face. Meredith is unhelpful, telling Amelia to shove her feelings in. At the church, Maggie helps her get ready, but when Ameila overhears a conversation between Owen and Meredith about Christina and how many real loves each person gets, Amelia starts freaing out. When Meredith asks what she can do for Amelia, she loss it with Mer, voicing all of her insecurities. Meredith tells her that she is Meredith before Derek, and gives a list of options of what they can do. All three sisters make a break for it, surprising Richard in the parking lot. They end up at a c-store, getting slushees, when Amelia starts to second guess her decision about running. She blames Meredith for encouraging her, but Med mmakes her tae responsibiliy. After a discussion about how Meredith isnt any kind of authority on how many loves a person can have in their life, The ladies head back to the church. 

After his conversation with Meredith, Owen is shocked to hear from Richard that the ladies have left the church. He remains relatively calm, and when Alex pushes him for something to tl the guests, he tells th guys that Amelia has erned his trust and that they're going to wat for her to come back. 

At the start of the episode, she and Alex had discussed if they had any chance at happiness after losing their respective "the one"s. In between the house and the church, Meredith stops at the hspital and has a run in with Riggs. She tries to let him know that there cant be anything real between them and that it was a one time thing, but he oushe for a friends with benefits arangement at the very least. Later he shows up at the church to bring Owen the rings from April, and ends up sitting with Mrs Hunt. He and .eredih are making eyes at each other when Maggie leans over to tell Med that *she* likes Riggs and thinks he likes her too. 

When April forgets the rings at Merediths's house, she enlists Ben to drive her back. He notices he having pains while they search, but she brushes off his concerns. Once the rings are found, it becomes apparent that her Braxton Hicks are actually real contractions. She refuses to have him drive her to the hopital as she doesn't want to risk having the baby in his car. He calls 911 and the hospital, but when he does the pelvic exam, thngs go sideways. The babh isnt in position and is a footling breach, plus the umbilical is pinched, cutting off the baby's blood supply. April insists that he do a c section. Arizona puts him on speakerphone to talk him through it, and Bailey reassures him that she does trust him (referencing their arguement eariler). When April insists that if things go south, Ben chooses the baby over her, Jackson freaks out. Ben does the c section without any kind of anesthetic for April or any kind of proper instruments--the scalpel he found was rustd and the only packing available is kitchen towels. When they arrie at the hospital, April is rushed to surgery. Bailey tells Ben that Arizona said that he did exemplary work under terrible conditions, and they embrace. April pulls through, and she and Jackson bond together with the baby. 

After seeing the New family together, Arizona take Sofia over to Callies along with plane tickets, telling her to go to Penny andreworking th custody arrangement. She says that dofi deserves to have both of her moms be happy. 

Alex mourns the end of his relationship with Jo, and has it out with her when he goes back to the apartmemt to grab a bag of clothes. She ends up spending the day getting drunk at Joe's bar with Stephanie, who hands her off to DeLucca when she starts to be insensitive about what Stephanie is going through with Kyle. As DeLucca gets her out of the bar and bacl to her place, she starts to spill the truth about why she can't marry Alex. She's already married --she ended up in an abusive relationship while she was still living in her car, and she hasn't divorced him because then he would be able to find her. She reveals that Alex doesn't even know her real name. As shes telling all of this to DeLucca, she''s also taking off her clothes to climb into bed' much o his embarassment. Just as She stumles and he falls with her on the bed, Alex, inspired by Owen's words about earning trust in a relationshp, bursts in. Outraged, he starts pummeling DeLucca, not listening to the interns protestations. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 24 Quotes

Alex: You know, I was Mer this morning, and I was thinking, we've been through hell. You know, all kinds of drama. Crazy family stuff, we both almost died. losing people we loved.
Jo: No, you're not losing me.
Alex: The point is we grew up. Mer and I are grown up. We got through it. And hell behind me, it's in my rear view mirror and I'm not going back, I'm done. I'm not some idiot kid any more, Jo, I'm a man. I'm done with games, and I'm done with crazy.

She'll be fine! You have no idea how many people have locked themselves in that bathroom. They're all fine.