Rosewood Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Keratin & Kissyface

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What do you do when a cold case has important ties to a recent murder investigation? 

That's the question Villa and Rosewood needed to answer on Rosewood Season 1 Episode 20. After the mysterious death of undercover ATF agent, Tiffany, many of us wondered if it was an inside job or just a random murder.

Lots of Surprises - Rosewood

Tiffany, who went by the name Stephanie Graham, worked as an undercover agent for nearly 13 years. She and her partner, Vladimir Dominguez, were so close to cracking a case they were working on. So when Tiffany wound up brutally murdered, it was a bit suspicious.

Vladimir: Who is this guy?
Hornstock: One of Miami's finest.
Rosewood: Thanks Capt.
Hornstock: And a pain in the ass.

At first glance, it was easy to assume Vladimir was responsible for Tiffany's death. Often times when undercover agents get too invested into their work, they kind of lose focus on reality. Maybe Vladimir was in too deep with his undercover work and snapped on Tiffany, and that ultimately resulted in her death. 

It was quite interesting that while undercover, Tiffany was also investigating the cold case murder of a teenage girl, Kelly Downs. The connection helped Rosie and Villa link up with Det. Escajeda.

Villa: I'll meet you back at Magic City.
Escajeda: Is that a strip club?
Rosewood: It's my lab.

Escajeda has been trying to solve the Downs case for 12 years with the help of Tiffany. When Tiffany was murdered, Escajeda lost all hope of solving his cold case.

But we all know when Rosie and Villa link up, the case will definitely be solved.

Rosewood and Escajeda were competing for two things: who would solve the case first and who would sweet talk Villa. Villa, being the tough girl she is, wasn't impressed with either of their antics.

I think Kelly knew her killer.


Of course, Rosewood was first to crack the case on Kelly's killer after discovering a pair of glasses in Kelly's old bedroom. Thanks to the fingerprints on those glasses, Escajeda was closer to solving his cold case.

In a twist of things, her killer turned out to be Skip, Tiffany's husband. 

Skip was having an affair with Kelly, knowing she was entirely too young for him. Kelly was so in love with Skip that she wanted to tell his wife. To stop Kelly from doing so, Skip killed her.

Rosewood: Did you see who attacked you?
Anita: No. All I remember is waking up to you aggressively kissing me on the mouth.

While working undercover, Tiffany was on the verge of cracking the Downs case, and Skip knew this. So he thought it would be logical to kill his wife to cover up his cheating ways. Now, he's going to jail for two murders.

Skip went through great lengths to cover up Tiffany and Kelly's connection. However, with someone as smart Rosewood, that secret didn't last long.

I get really anxious when I don't have a dead body to get my hands on.


Speaking of secrets, who knew Mitchie had a crush on TMI? Could this possibly explain why he always had word vomit around her? 

Mitchie took TMI's generosity a little too seriously and tried to kiss her. With the close relationship TMI and Pippy have, she'll eventually tell Pippy about the little kiss. If TMI were to tell what happened, Mitchie could lose job.

If you ever change your mind on those drinks, you know where to find me. Just hit B on the elevator.


While working on the cold case, it was easy to sense the romantic tension between Villa and Escajeda. They're both single, good looking people who have successful careers. It didn't take long for Escajeda to ask Villa out on date. She, of course, declined. 

Villa is still trying to deal with her life without her husband, Eddie. If Villa gave Mike a chance, I hope she'll eventually give Escajeda a chance. She can at least take the man up on his offer for drinks.

So, were you shocked to find out about Tiffany and Kelly's killer? Will TMI tell what happened with Mitchie? Will Villa go out with Escajeda?

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Keratin & Kissyface Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

She's a career criminal.


Anita: You are so good to me.
Rosewood: Anything for sweet Anita.