Nashville: Revived By CMT For Season 5!

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Nashville Season 5 is a go!

In news that everyone probably expected, Nashville is coming back for a full fifth season on CMT. 

It's still pretty great to get confirmation that the show is returning. 

Connie on Nashville

Moving a show to a cable network usually means less episodes, but thanks to a lucrative deal with Hulu, there will be 22 episodes for the fifth season. 

Things were a bit touch and go after ABC canceled the show last month, but thanks to some relentless negotiation skills from Lionsgate, the show will sing again. 

Nashville never was a ratings smash, but had a devoted and loyal audience that made their voice heard after ABC swung the axe. 

Some fans were disappointed at the way the Nashville Season 4 Episode 21 ended. 

It found Juliette Barnes in a tough spot when her plane mysteriously disappeared. 

There was an alternative ending that had Hayden Panettiere's character reach her destination unharmed. 

Lionsgate were apparently so confident that the show would get a second chance at life that they opted to go for a cliffhanger ending. 

Fans will be glad that the show is returning, but will the whole cast make the switch from ABC to CMT?

There's a lot of things that are still up in the air about the move. 

Details will probably be ironed out over the next few weeks before the show goes back into production. 

“CMT heard the fans. The wave of love and appreciation they have unleashed for Nashville has been overwhelming,” Brian Philips, president of the network, said in a statement.

“Nashville is a perfect addition to our evolving line-up of big music specials, documentaries and original series. We see our fans and ourselves in this show, and we will treasure it like no other network. Nashville belongs on CMT.”

We don't quite know when the show will return, but it will most likely be at some point this fall.

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What do you think about the renewal? Are you excited about the big move?

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