17 TV Shows We Miss More and More Everyday

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Losing a favorite TV show can cut to the quick. We're not going to pretend it doesn't.

But there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Some of your favorite stars from these beloved, but dearly departed series are on the scene this season in other productions including Nashville, Blood and Oil, American Horror Story, The Bastard Executioner, and the upcoming Wicked City.

Or...you might just have to go to your local cinemaplex, because these shows were so good they propelled some of the stars right onto the big screen.

Scroll through our photo gallery and take a wonderful walk down memory lane. These shows are gone, but they're not forgotten!

1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl helped us escape from our everyday lives and into the lives of the filthy rich. With all the drama you’d expect from a primetime soap, it also served up vivid, sexy characters that we could look at all day long. We still ship Chair and Derena even to this day! The good news is Blake Lively is alive and kicking all over the movies and Ed Westwick is killing it in Wicked City and Chace Crawford is sudsing it up in Blood and Oil. We're not the only one who sees value in the beautiful people!

2. The Office

The Office
Maybe it's because the average, everyday person gets up everyday and trudges into The Office that we cannot get over having an on-air equivalent to help us get by? Whatever it is, we will probably miss the antics of the gang from Scranton, PA, always and forever. Would it hurt to check in every once in a while?

3. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Yes, Pawnee friends, it scares us, too, how much we miss you! It hasn't even been that long! Thanks to NBC for recognizing the value of Parks and Rec despite the fact it wasn't a ratings monster, because can you imagine our lives without these memorable faces in them now? Almost every actor is a household name and Chris Pratt is the biggest action star since Harrison Ford. All thanks to Leslie Knope and her dreams to build a little park outside of April and Andy's apartment.

4. Revenge

When Victoria died, so did the quintessential night time soap. Sure, they're trying to replace it, but nothing is quite as juicy as serving up revenge in the way Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson did week after week. Their endless fight lives on in our hearts, and we're still hoping someone sees the value in that Nolan Ross spinoff.

5. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill
There really is only one Tree Hill. Glued to the screen from the beginning, right through to the end, One Tree Hill reinvented itself more than any other show on TV and still managed to remain one of the best. We'd like to think everyone is just continuing on with a happily ever after. We can dream, right? Thank Goodness Sophia Bush is on Chicago PD every week and Chad Michael Murray pops up all the time. It helps!

6. The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
One of the worst kept secrets on television was the SEX lives of these teenagers. Heck, maybe that wasn't their secret. Never did figure that one out. But despite the terrible acting (Shailene Woodley went on to be nominated for a Golden Globe) due to the cheesy storylies, it was impossible not to fall in love with these kids. We still hope, deep down, that Amy and Ricky found their way to each other. Sorry Ben!

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