The Last Ship Season 3 Premiere Review: An Unexpected Threat

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Determinedly fighting to stop a viral pandemic from spreading is a challenging prospect for many people, especially those who are struggling to just keep themselves alive.

But Eric Dane's daring character on the new third season of the post-apocalyptic series, The Last Ship, proves that' he's persistently trying to save the little humanity that remains.

The actor also proves that the captain he portrays, CO CDR Tom Chandler, is now even more comfortable leading the fight against the people who are using the virus for their benefit.

Season 3 Premiere - The Last Ship

Based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley, the TNT drama series isn't afraid to launch the first two episodes of the third season with intense physical and emotional action.

The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 1, which is titled The Scott Effect, powerfully begins by showing Tom contending with the death of Dr. Rachel Scott. The paleomicrobiologist, who created the cure for the virus, died during the The Last Ship Season 2 finale, and now her work isn't being handled with care.

Did I hear you right? The virus has mutated?


While he tries to honor his late colleague's work and determination to preserve humanity, Tom isn't afraid to fight whatever potential enemies and threats he faces along the way.

Whether he's sparing with the Chinese President, Peng Wu, in epic verbal quarrels, or battling the leader's bodyguards in fierce battles in physical gritty locals across Asia, the U.S. officer is heroically unafraid of defending himself and his country.

Tom has become one of the most powerful heroes in the season premiere by confronting Peng with the fact that the cure hasn't reached everyone in Chin and across Asia yet. The Chinese president responds by questioning why the U.S. is helping his enemies.

As a result, the the captain becomes even confused on the relationships that have developed between the U.S. and Asian governments. He's rightfully left pondering what he can do to reverse the damage.

The cure we've been sending hasn't gotten to the people who need it.


In The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 2, Tom is further forced to defend himself against unforeseen enemies in Asia when he decides to go against President Jeffrey Michener's orders. Despite the American Commander in Chief's assurance to the public that the country is headed back in the right direction, Tom feels it's necessary to further investigate the president's connection to Peng.

That drive is further fueled by the fact that eight members of his former ship, the Nathan James, have been taken hostage by the enemy.

I came here to stop Peng from hoarding the cure, and he tried to kill me.


Back To His Crew - The Last Ship

While fighting for his country in Asia, Tom unites with the mysterious Sasha Cooper, a former Navy Intelligence Officer. Dane forms an intriguing relationship with actress Bridget Regan, who plays the officer who's now operating under diplomatic cover in China.

Sasha insists to the captain that she isn't working against him. But throughout the second episode, her seemingly sneaky motives become increasingly evident, which raises the question of who she's truly working for now.

You think Vietnam has been retribution for what I've been doing with Jessie?


The main point that works in Sasha's favor is that she suggests Tom visit Jessie, who once worked as a pilot for Doctors Without Borders. The former Navy Intelligence Officer convinces her former accomplice to help them fight back against Peng, despite the doctor's initial hesitance.

But with both women's help, Tom satisfyingly goes on the right track to further investigate the Chinese president, and find his missing colleagues.

One of the most intriguing action sequences in the second episode of the cable drama series is when Tom, Sasha and Jessie travel by car and encounter a surprise checkpoint.

With Peng's men on the lookout for the American captain, he cleverly uses his wit to hide and launch a sneak attack against his new enemies. The impromptu fight helps give Sasha some credence, which intriguingly sets up a promising arc between her and the show's protagonist.

One of the other most interesting relationships that continues to develop throughout the current third season of the action thriller series is the one between Lt. Danny Green and his new wife, Lt. Kara Foster.

Danny is unfortunately also working in Asia, as his team is based in Vietnam to help stabilize and maintain the cure there. Meanwhile, Kara is still living and working at home in St. Louis. While she's dedicated to her job and national security, they both wish Danny was home with her and their newborn son.

With the two lieutenants are dedicated to their missions, it will be interesting to show how the two will be able to make their new marriage and roles as parents work. Their heartfelt commitment to not only each other, but also their new baby, and raising him with as much love as possible in a devastated world, is captivating.

So the thought that Danny may also possibly be kidnapped with his colleagues is discouraging, as he not only has the potential to save them, but also provide a better life for his new family.

Capt. Chandler's plane is supposed to be in clear air space, but we can not reach the plane.


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The Scott Effect Review

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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm happy to announce that our American reconstruction plan continues on pace.


Kara, if you can hear me, tell Frankie that Daddy loves him, and I can't wait to meet him.