The Young and the Restless Recap: Who is the Brown-Haired Minion?

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So which brown-haired girl is Victor's minion, anyway?

Given the sudden disappearance of Natalie and the impending return of Chloe, it's going to be one of them. Right?

Or maybe it will be both and they're working together.

Minion - The Young and the Restless

One thing is for sure, whoever the brown-haired minion is, SOMEONE who has been using the revolving door to visit Victor should have noticed the strange young thing visiting Victor by now! At the very least, Ian!

Isn't it crazy how many people have been visiting the man and in such a short time? They probably need to take tickets out in the prison waiting room.

And it's getting confusing, really. What all is Victor involved in, anyway?

Maybe Natalie is working on her own to bring down Newman for some odd reason. And Kevin, getting involved since that goofy Luca is being a big baby and trying to point the finger at Victoria's boy toy Travis, will somehow lead to Natalie's unmasking.

Since Natalie is back, I'm back to the theory she's related to someone. Any ideas as to who that might be?

Anyway. What's really boggling my mind is why Victor is trying so hard to destroy Adam. What did he do that is so different than the other people in the family? 

And seriously, Victor getting to do what he wants in prison, even falling in love and having sex, is annoying. He's always coming out on top. Thankfully people still point out he had his day in court and that's why he is in prison. Victor would rather blame his family.

Tortured Existence - The Young and the Restless

Adam is still being optimistic when it comes to the bumbling detectives. 

Of course Dylan found drugs that killed Constance in the storage unit Adam has never been in before. And it was only minutes before that one of the minions planted it there. You can guess that either that storage facility has no security cameras or they conveniently won't be working.

Or even worse, Dylan won't think to ask the question because why would he? Adam is guilty until proven innocent, after all.

Divorced Time - The Young and the Restless

Hillary has been her fair share of family troubles, too. She's such a pain in the behind. Even when you kind of want to feel sorry for her, she's so mean all the time, it's kind of hard to be anything but annoyed with her.

She lies to get what she wants, then holds the truth over the heads of those she doesn't want to tell it and wonders why everyone is against her.

Throwing Jack, the only person who seems to be on her side, out of her room kind of cemented my thoughts that those two would soon be wrapped up in something untoward. 

After all, Jack's wife is out being "a good person who does bad things."

Good People, Bad Things - The Young and the Restless

I can't tell what's going on with Phyllis and Billy, either. Billy isn't even getting a great affair out of the deal. He appears to be head over heals right in the middle of something with Phyllis, but she has one foot in her marriage and one in her affair, but both are flailing and neither man gets much.

I'm pretty sure Phyllis is going to end up with nothing in the end, and it will be hard to feel sorry for her, too.

Meeting Travis - The Young and the Restless

The previews for this past week made it sound like Billy would be green with envy when he met Travis, but he took it pretty well, I thought.

Billy summed up Travis, but not much more. And Travis seems like a decent guy. Even with the flashbacks being the only way we know what went down between him and Luca, making me think we'll never know the entire story.

I'd love to believe not every person who is new on the canvas and not related to one of the core families has to be crooked in some way, but look at the lineup.

We have Hillary, Travis, Luca and Natalie...and they're all kind of involved in storylines where their moral character is in question. That's not really cool. 

I'm ready to usher in some new storylines. Is anybody else interested in seeing romance without prison bars or wedding rings belonging to another person or fake names and fear of being caught doing something wrong?

What would you like to see on Y&R these days?

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