Supergirl Season 2: First Look At Superman!

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Superman will be joining forces with Supergirl. 

That much was confirmed when it was announced that Tyler Hoechlin would be portraying the iconic hero on Supergirl Season 2. 

Supergirl & Superman!

It was a bit odd that we didn't get a glimpse Superman in costume at the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the show. 

Not much was really revealed at the panel, but the picture released today more than makes up for it. 

We now have a our first official glimpse at both Supergirl and Superman together. 

They're in full costume. 

The Superman costume is actually pretty great. 

There was a lot of criticism for Supergirl's when it was first unveiled, but there really isn't much to fault here. 

Tyler Hoechlin was great in Teen Wolf as Derek Hale. 

He should be able to pull off the role of Superman pretty well. 

Supergirl will move to The CW for Season 2 in October. 

Little is known about storylines at this stage. 

We don't even know for sure if we'll get much of Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant. 

The change in network also meant a change in filming locations for the show to keep costs down. 

At the close of Supergirl Season 1, there seemed to be a new alien heading to town, but what did it mean for the residents of National City?

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