Supergirl Season 2 Snags Chris Wood for Cryptic Series Regular Role

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There are a lot of actors we love at TV Fanatic.

But we hold a very special place in our heart for Chris Wood.

It's with great pleasure we share the news TVLine first reported. Wood has been added to Supergirl Season 2 as a series regular. Rejoice!

Chris Wood SG

They weren't kidding when noting the role was a surprise and not much was known. Ooo weee!

Wood will be a series regular. That's good news. 

The other good news? He'll be playing a DC Comics character. OhmyGod

Who could it be? You can start your guessing right now. If you have enough good ideas, maybe we can make a slideshow out of the results. Wouldn't that be fun?

Wood first found his way to us a Kai on The Vampire Diaries

Kai was a terrible, terrible man and an incredible villain. Wood was so arrestingly charming, Kai immediately became a favorite.

But like all good villains, if the park it written spectacularly well, their flame burns bright and goes out with a terrific roar.

Everything about Kai was big, as is the legacy he left behind. Viewers want him back because nary a villain can match his greatness.

Sorry kids, Wood staked his claim on a new role. We were good with that. On Containment, Wood got to prove himself the reluctant hero.

The only law enforcement officer stuck inside a cordon protecting a city from a terrible virus, Wood's Jake had a terrible job to do.

He also fell in love. His heart expanded several times beyond what he believed he was capable. And then his love died, and the show was over. 

Woods will be recurring on the PBS series Mercy Street, because everybody wants him. 

And today, today we learn he'll be taking on a secretive DC Comics role on Supergirl.

Will he be the personification of a crazy villain, or sporting a hero's costume?

It will all be speculation until the announcement is made. Perhaps it's only days away. 

Woods joins several other actors who have already signed onto Supergirl Season 2 after it's move to The CW, including Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, Lynda Carter as the President and Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr. 

While we wait to find out if Woods will be good or evil and just what DC character he'll be playing, you can watch Supergirl online. This move to The CW already has so many perks!

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