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How did it all end?

That was a huge question on Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 8 when Boris planned to leave the Hamptons, but did Hank go with him?

Meanwhile on this addictive drama, Evan and Paige considered a life-altering decision. 

Also, Divya finally received her long-awaited news, but was it the news she was expecting?

Finally, Hank contemplated a life change, but did everyone agree with his decision?

Use the video above to watch Royal Pains online to get up to speed with how the series came to a close.

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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

What's happening right now? I thought I was the neurotic Jewish mother here.


I'm sure those children mean well but they certainly need an adult around before someone loses an eye or gets mauled by a large reptile.