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Boris has already moved his family somewhere safe. Boris says that the people after him are Russian and the FBI can’t stop them. Hank figures out that Boris is Russian royalty, that’s why he’s being sought out. Boris says he’s leaving the Hamptons for good and he’d like Hank to join him.  

Hank decides that he needs to follow his own path, and not Boris’. Boris tells Hank that he considers him family before he leaves to meet up with his wife and child. 

Divya is accepted to John Hopkins Medical School everyone toasts to her success and swift return to HankMed as a doctor. 

Lena’s aunt doesn’t show up for the hearing to become a guardian for Lena and her brothers. The kids will be split up between family members in Arizona and Massachusetts. Evan wants to foster them until they find someone who can take all three. Thinking about how her parents adopted her, Paige agrees to the plan. 

Evan decides he has to step down from HankMed and concentrate on the hospital and his family. He asks Hank if he wants to run the ER at the hospital but Hank decides to head off to Africa for a new adventure and to find Jill. He finds her and asks her to give them a chance.

Boris leaves the use of his estate, Shadow Pond and staff to Hamptons Heritage Hospital and for it to be the permanent residence of the Hospital Administrator, Evan R Lawson. Evan is overjoyed. He, Paige, and the three kids move in. 

Fast forward three years…Evan and Paige have twin boys along with Lena and her brothers all living at Shadow Pond. They are hosting a Memorial Day barbecue with Hank and Jill who are engaged. They now spend their summers in the Hamptons working for HankMed as do Divya and Jeremiah. Eddie and Ms. Newburgh are on their way to the party, an hour late but bringing dessert. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

What's happening right now? I thought I was the neurotic Jewish mother here.


I'm sure those children mean well but they certainly need an adult around before someone loses an eye or gets mauled by a large reptile.