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What did Barry learn this week?

That was a key question on Tyrant Season 3 Episode 2 as tension in Abuddin grew stronger. 

Meanwhile on this FX drama, Sammy begun a risky relationship that could ruin everything, but did someone find about it?

Also, Fauzi was thrown into a political role when the residents of Abuddin sought change. 

Finally, the future of Abuddin was at stake, but who managed to come up with a plan?

Use the video above to watch Tyrant online to get up to speed with the drama.

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

When 90% of the wealth is controlled by 10% of the population, and you add to that cronyism, corruption, political repression, pretty soon people will get desperate. And when people are desperate, they do desperate things.


Ahmed: You haven't found God. You found politics.
Leila: Oh, Ahmed. God is politics.