Gotham: EPs Tease Future of Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn

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If you've been watching all of the DC Comics shows on television, you probably know there have already been some Suicide Squad characters on air.

They were pretty good. And then they were gone, to make way for their big screen counterparts. 

Deadshot, Amanda Waller and Katana were among them. Somehow The Flash can be in two places at once.

Harley Quinn

Anyway. Gotham has also toyed with the characters, in the form of Jerome, for example.

Jerome was what Gotham Executive Producers call a "proto-version" of The Joker. 

The last we saw of him, he was dead (we think), and he wasn't intended to be the Joker, but to be the best darn not-Joker ever.

In fact, Cameron Monaghan's performance blew away the audience, and the collective sigh of everyone who learned he was merely a myth-creator and not like Bruce Wayne who is (we think) poised to become THE Batman, could have caused tidal waves.

Now it appears we may be able to look forward to some more

The Gotham EPs shared that somewhere down the road, they fully expect to bring to light proto-versions of Killer Croc, Solomon Grundy and Harley Quinn.

Because you know what we all want more than a really incredible not-Joker?


Who's with me?!

Alright, to be perfectly honest, in talking about the myth creation of these younger characters, Batman was mentioned at about the same time Jerome was mentioned in conjunction with The Joker.

It's always been our assumption that Bruce Wayne was going to go on to become Batman, so maybe not every proto-version of upcoming characters would mean they're anyone but the character we assume they'll morph into...eventually.

It all gets a little bit confusing, but Croc and Grundy will likely pave the way, as will more storyline for whatever is going on with The Joker, whose mythology will expand during Gotham Season 3.

The not-Harley Quinn, though, most likely won't be around until Season 4 or later, assuming the series continues.

What are your thoughts on these proto-versions of characters? Would you prefer the series to wait until they have permission to use the actual character, or are you good with the likeness and building the suspense only to discover it's part of a myth to create the "real" character down the road?

It worked once with Jerome (depending upon who you ask). Will it work multiple times?

Hit the comments with your thoughts, and watch Gotham online before the series returns on September 19. 

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